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5th Jul 2021
Stronghold Crusader
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25th Jul 2021 17:27
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By Korsfarer Mogens

Korsfarer Mogens' Stronghold Crusader AIV pack

by Korsfarer Mogens


This is a modification of all castles built by the AI. There are 16 different characters in the game and they each have 8 different castles. So this pack contains 128 brand new and unique castles.


My mission was to have the AI's fight better, and the only way to do that (if you don't go the unofficial patch route) is to improve the characters castles. As an example of their improved ability to defend themselves, they now ALL use big towers with machinery (mangonels/ballistas), and they also use fire-ballistas stationed outside their castles.


There are no nonsense castles in this pack like the ones you find in the original game. The picture used as illustration to this download show one of the Rats castles. There are two machines on each of the three towers, and there are also stationed 3 fire-ballistas just outside the castle.


In short: If you want to have tougher AI-opponents, then this pack is for you! Try the original and the Warchest trails with these castles, and you are guaranteed a tougher experience.

8th Jul 2021

Really nice job! Well done!!

30th Jul 2021

Hi SC lovers!

As you may have noticed, the AIV pack has been updated on july 25. It's a minor update (a snake castle had a big round tower instead of a big square tower). In this AIV pack european lords use square towers, and arab lords use round towers. So the change have only got a very small impact on gameplay, but you may want to redownload for aestetic reasons!

I will post 16 videos on YT (one for each character in the game), and each of the videos will show off at least 3 different castles from the character in question. I will post the link below.

Korsfarer Mogens

30th Jul 2021

The first video will be available today (friday 30. july 2021 14:00 UTC) at this address:

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14th Aug 2021

The link for the playlist featuring videos with each of the characters (16) presenting at least 3 of their new castles:

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