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Tales of a Heroes

24th Feb 2021
Stronghold Legends
Custom War
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v1.3 Steam

By rfortuna


Play as a young knight who has lost everything, taken in by a mysterious knight order.
Discover your destiny and your past. Will you plunge into darkness or fight for the peace of the kingdom?
Good/Evil campaign of 8 missions (or 9 if you want to test the two side)
(the last mission depends of your choice during the 7th mission)
And sorry fo english mistakes..
0 Prologue

Nothing prepared me to become a hero of the Order of the Green Dragon. I was only the son of a small country nobleman at the time. We lived peacefully with my father and my older sister, but already I dreamed of escape and adventure. Since the arrival of a knight of the Order at the inn, I knew what I wanted to become. A hero for slaying monsters and bandits. On the day of my 10th birthday I deceived my boredom by fighting imaginary dragons in the fields, it was then that my sister joined me running, she had had a terrible dream, the castle was on fire and blood. We had just enough time to hide in the tall grass, which already armed men flocked to the walls. When the smoke settled, my sister was gone .. I crossed the burning castle or the bodies littered the roads to finally find the body of my father .. Some bandits stragglers surprised me and I owed my survival only to the intervention of a valiant knight of the Order. It turned out later that this man was none other than the Great Master himself. He adopted me, my dream was going to be realized, of course, but I had lost everything. Many years later I was going to leave adolescence during the final examination of my training. I was going to have to face my new friend and comrade, Apprentice Gwain.


 1 Troubles in Prosperity

The Great Master says:

Years passed and with daily training the boy became a hero.

He was still very affected by the disappearance of his sister. The poor little one is probably dead by now. Hmm, we have to change his mind, his old life is supposed to be behind him. Beggars have recently sought help from the Order, their village is said to be coveted by The Iron Boar, a former hero of the Order turned squire, whose appetite is matched only by his thirst for power. Defeating such a famous former hero will be perfect for our young hero's reputation. He will have to rally the villagers and the guards of the village of Prosperity, break the siege and strengthen their defense. It would be wise to start a sword production in order to equip them for future attacks.


2 Let's wander in the forest

The forces of the Iron Boar were on the run! What a heroic victory! The rest was short-lived, unfortunately my brother in arms and friends Gwain quickly arrived on horseback.

He informed me that strange events were taking place in Thornywood. This place was home to vile creatures, dark-warped wolves should careless travelers, and gigantic bats lurked in the caves of the mountains. On this side of Thornywood was an ancient necropolis, housing the body of an ancient heroes having sunk into darkness .. According to the rare fools who dared to live near the woods, undead knights came out of their graves and roamed the woods. A powerful magic was at work and already we could feel the evil scent of the ritual which was taking place on the tomb of the hero. Gwain had developed surprising magic talents which would be very useful to us during this quest. We should also capture the Stone Circles along the way to reduce the evil influence of this wood will allow other troops to join us.


We captured the sorcerer who was performing the ritual but this proud scoundrel didn't say a word .. This place is strange .. others find it unhealthy, to me it seems familiar .. It's like I have a connection with the hero dead here .. A scout came running! Forces of the Iron Boar were arriving from the south to block us in Thornywood. Our men were exhausted and could not endure a second fight. It is then that the unthinkable occurs, dark hounds and gigantic bats came out of the woods, our men are preparing to push them back but I prevent them from doing so .. I advanced towards the creatures, they did not do me the slightest badly, he .. obeyed me .. At that moment I felt the fear that I inspired in my own troops, in my brothers in arms, in Gwain .. But our situation was too desperate not to take advantage of his unexpected allies .. We were going to get out of Thornywood no matter what.


3 Iron Boar Hunt

We had emerged victorious from the woods, thanks to the new skills I had shown. Who could be this dead hero ? Following this I was of course strongly sidelined by my brothers in arms. However Gwain remained faithful to me and The Great Master took my defense against the council. Surprisingly, knowing his propensity to eradicate all traces of Evil. No doubt he saw a use in my new skills. A few days later he proudly announced to me that his spies had finally found my missing sister, or at least he suspected it. A young woman demonstrating powerful magical competence. A young woman, according to his words, sequestered in the castle of the Iron Boar himself.

After so many years I was finally going to be able to reconnect with my old life. Accompanied by Gwain I installed our troops in a tower not far from the castle of the fallen Hero. Sir Galahad and his healing powers were coming soon. We just had to take the outpost near the mountain pass to allow it to pass quietly. When at the Iron Boar his troops were weaker than ever but according to our scouts some mercenary barbarians of the North were already on their way to help him .. Strange ..


4 Family Legacy

The Iron Boar was defeated. I was running up the tallest tower in the castle and smashing the door. She was there, she had grown up but I would have recognized her among miles. Theresa, my taller sister, prisoner of this infamous pig.
Amanda says: I am happy to finally find you little brother. I was expecting you .. I have many things to tell you about our family, but not here. We are in danger, the Order is not what you think. He is even the complete opposite of what you fought for.
The door smashed, letting in several knights of the Order, Galahad at their head. My sister suddenly grabbed my arm and the next times we were in a whole different place. A ruined castle on the other side of Thornywood. Soldiers and strange wolf-men were already busy rebuilding it.
Amanda says: Look little brother, this is our heritage, we were the children of two of the greatest heroes who ever walked this earth. Your fate has already led you to our ancestor's grave. As you may have noticed, you have a particular affinity with darkness, but you did not sink into it either. That’s what scared the Great Master, that’s why he destroyed our castle and killed our adoptive father, to find us and destroy us. Yet he chose to keep you alive. Maybe he was hoping to control you.
He won't be long in finding us. We need to strengthen the castle, use your new powers little brother, I have already rallied the Wolfman clans to our cause. Even if your hold is not enough to control the majority of the creatures of Thornywood you should try to use your skills to bring in more. They will not be too much to repel the forces of Order, especially if the Great Master brings in the legendary Green Dragon of the Order.


5 The real face of the order

The onslaught of the knights and the fiery breath of the Great Master's Dragon let the castle in a pitiful state. But the Order would take time to recover. At least that's what we thought. I joined my sister in the dungeon.
Amanda says: You now see the true face of the Great Master little brother. We are the descendants of two mighty heroes. A mighty warrior who had been touched by Supreme Evil and a priestess invested with the Grace of the Gods. Everything takes them away and yet love was born or we did not expect it. Over the decades this story was lost and their descendants lived without knowing anything about their history. Until us, little brother. There is an ancestral place, closed by a door. This door, to open, requires a long and tedious ritual as well as blood. The blood of the last descendants of the Two heroes who sealed this place. Our blood. The Great Master already had you in hand, all he needed was me. Its goal has always been power. Fortunately ...
Suddenly the unthinkable happens. The green dragon, although wounded after its multiple assaults, emerged from the clouds and destroyed the roof of the dungeon. It all happened so fast, its claws gripped me and it was the black hole.
I would wake up in grim jails. The kingdom prison, hidden in the heart of the mountains in gigantic caves. I had lost all hope when I felt the presence of a strange creature. My sister may have been captured but she continued to use her powers to help me. I had to get out of this cursed prison quickly and its new creatures with supernatural power as well as the prisoners of this place would be able to help me. I also feel an active summoning circle deep in its caves, maybe I should go.

----------------------------------------------------------------6 The enemy of my enemy ..

What a pity to have had to kill my former brother-in-arms Gwain ... but his honor left me no choice. Out of the prison I followed the creatures to the frozen land of the North. Here were the barbarian clans.. Everything cleared up, his barbarians were my sister's allies and sought to defend her from Order during the battle of Iron Boar's Castle. Their leader confided to me that my sister had found refuge here but that during in a bloody assault the Great Master had succeeded in capturing her and bringing her to the Ice Castle on the other side of the frozen river. This castle would contain the legendary door leading to a temple containing extraordinary power. The sect of sorcerers secretly in the service of the Great Master had invested the place for a long time in order to unravel the secrets of the door. The Great Master now had access to my sister's blood, and he no doubt possessed mine as well. The ritual would soon take place. With the help of my allies I had to storm the Sorcerer castle. The hordes of undead they resurrected from the crypts were going to pose problems. In addition, the last forces of the Order were already on their way to attack our new allies. This fight was going to be epic. The Order’s green dragon was also there. Following his many injuries he seemed unable to fly for the moment, it was the opportunity or never to get rid of him, moreover he had put his big scaly buttocks just in front of the temple door.

7 the confrontation

The hour of the final fight has arrived. The green dragon has been slain, the Great Master's sorcerers too. I entered the temple too late. The Great Master had just finished the ritual with my sister, when he saw me he pierced her with his sword. I had to save her, mad with rage I was going to send my creatures on this Demons and his guards. His powers are immense and it is said that he can call upon spectral knights.

7-2 The Choice

The Great Master collapsed but it didn't matter anymore. My sister's life was slipping away .. It was too late ..

His last words were: "Don't cry little brother .. You must now choose your way between Darkness and Light .. Your destiny is in your hands, go deeper into the temple and put on the Dark Armor of our ancestor and let the power invade you .. Or go to the Light's Well into the tomb of the Priestess and purify yourself of all this darkness and become what the Great Master should have been if he had not been corrupted by his quest of power. Become the Champion of Light and push back the darkness. The Choice is yours little brother, I was happy to see you again »


8 Becomes the Light

So that my sister did not die in vain, I embraced my destiny. I chose the Light. All this suffering must stop. The kingdom needs peace. So I went to the priestess's tomb and plunged my body into the Light's Well. When I emerged from the Temple I was a new man, touched by the Divine Grace my armor shone brightly and my sword blazed. The evil creatures that had helped me retreated into the woods and the barbarians returned in their home. As for the Green dragon, who had abandoned all savagery, he bowed his spine and became my servant. I went to the kingdom to relate my story and in the year that followed I would establish an hour of peace in the kingdom. Alas, Evil always finds its way.

The Great Master was a much more powerful being than I thought. As I walked toward my destiny he crawled over to my Ancestor's Armor and grabbed it. This is what saved him. In the shadows he gathered the barbarian clans and dominated the evil creatures of Thornywood.

It is here, on this plain, that the real decisive fight will take place. I will lead the forces of the Kingdom in this terrible fight. King Alfred himself will assist me in the fight. With my new powers I could invest my knights with an extraordinary power, like the heroes of yesteryear. Today the Great Master who had become the Avatar of Evil was going to disappear once and for all and neither the barbarian hordes netiher the legions of undead knight were going to prevent him.


8bis Become the Evil

So that my sister did not die in vain, I embraced my destiny. I chose the Darkness. I found the Black Armor of my ancestor and equipped it, the power I felt then was exquisite. I have greatly deserved this power, I have suffered so much, why should I give it up? I have new friends and servants now. And this ridiculous Kingdom that has let itself be guided by an impostor in shining armor doesn't deserve to survive longer. It will be my world! When I came out of the temple, the barbarians cheered me and my docile creatures howled, joy no doubt!
The following year I hastened to build a mighty fortress from which I was going to ravage this weak Kingdom.
But an opponent was going to present himself to me ..
The Great Master was a much more powerful being than I thought. As I walked towards my destiny he crawled to the Light's Well and plunged completely into it. God knows how he managed to regain the Kingdom. Still, when I arrived at the frontier, he was there alongside King Alfred himself, at the head of a powerful army. Thanks to these new powers, he gave his new knights prodigious powers.
It is here, on this plain, that the real decisive fight will take place. The barbarian lords have already settled down to block the North Bridge. The Great Master, this corrupt hero now posing as the only champion of Good had perhaps changed since his plunge into the Light's Well. But it didn't matter anymore. I had decided that this Kingdom would be mine and no one would stand in my way!


1st Mar 2021

I have to say that the sheer scale and complexity of your campaigns is absolutely incredible. The detail in these, particularly landscaping but also in scripting and the general ideas is beyond amazing.

You're probably one of the most talented map makers we've ever had in this community.

12th Mar 2021

Thank you very much for this encouragement!

A next campaign on a "Sinbad the sailor" but in viking's version coming soon !