1.2 Patch Update

24th Feb 2014
Stronghold Legends
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Very Easy
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By Lord_Chris

This will update the game to version 1.2. You must have version 1.1.a installed prior to installing this.

: The 3 campaign awards are unlocked after completing each of the 3 campaigns. If you completed the campaigns before the v1.2 update was installed you will have to replay the last mission of each campaign to unlock the award. You can also download one of our saved games which will unlock it for you.

New features

  • Freebuild Mode implemented. Press F1 to launch an invasion.
  • Single & Multiplayer awards implemented. Trophies are awarded for various economic and military achievements and stored in the awards cabinet in the options menu.
  • In multiplayer (human only games) you can now turn off fantasy and magical units.
  • Basic multiplayer chat lobby implemented.
  • The host can lock all players’ alignments to the same as the host’s alignment. Right click on your alignment to lock all factions.
  • The 1-9 keys have been assigned for troop rally points (when the building is selected).
  • You can now edit the data.csv file to customise the game in single player (this will not affect multiplayer).
  • Mounted units will automatically dismount when commanded to move on top of walls and buildings. When the unit is commanded down from the wall or building they will automatically remount their horse.
  • New siege tower system - When moving a siege tower, the troops on top of the siege tower will no longer dismount. To dismount troops from a siege tower ensure only the troops (and not the siege tower) are selected.
  • Guard option now implemented - To guard a unit, select a unit/group of units, click the guard button and then click on the unit you wish to guard. Wherever that unit moves or attacks, the guarding units will follow/guard the unit.
  • Players can select their player colour in multiplayer and custom skirmish.
  • When a building stops working a yellow exclamation mark will appear above the building indicating there are no resources available to keep the building functioning or not enough space available to store the resources it has produced.
  • Players can delete save games and user created maps within the game.
  • You can change your sound settings during multiplayer games.
  • Enchanted orbs cause splash damage.
  • An option to turn off tooltips has been added.
  • "I" key now opens the Castle Kitchen Panel.
  • In-game menu buttons have been added allowing users to quit to previous game menu.
  • Cows now "splat" on landing when launched from a trebuchet!

Bug fixes

  • Screenshots can now be taken using Alt + Q.
  • Archers and crossbowmen will now move within range when commanded to attack an enemy.
  • Archers can now push ladders off walls.
  • Player can no longer delete buildings when an enemy is nearby.
  • AI witches will move to attack when being targeted from the keep.
  • AI troops now try and stop you converting nearby troops using the creeper.
  • Bats harassing has been improved.
  • Structures change territory color when the territory is changed around them.
  • Demonic bats no longer slam into the side of the Keep, knocking units off of the top of the Keep.
  • Catapults targeting gatehouses improved.
  • The Character Marker Proximity trigger for Dietrich, Arthur, and Vlad has been fixed.
  • At the start of chapter 3 of the Arthur campaign, narrator no longer says "People are coming to the castle".
  • End of mission voice-over will no longer play over the next mission's story introduction screen.
  • The user does not gain half wood back from a man trap or killing pit once it has been used then deleted.
  • The Dragon timing out and dying in Legends Trail map works correctly.
  • Industry structures stop working when the units operating them are frozen.
  • Narrator now completes all victory speech.
  • Issues with the crystal ball binks have been fixed.
  • Lancelot no longer says "My Lord we cannot ride atop the walls" when he is not on a horse in the Lancelot chapter.
  • Building a wall in front of an oil tipper issue fixed.
  • Sir Bedivere’s speech at the end of the first campaign no longer runs into the following cut scene.
  • Fafnir no longer has the same description as other dragon emplacements.
  • The number of troops that have used an ice tunnel now displays correctly.
  • Player's werewolves will not disappear when they launched into an opposing siege camp.
  • Issue when placing moat continuously is now fixed.
  • The default sound levels have been lowered.
  • The user interface flickering while holding TAB key has been improved.
  • Issue with textbox from last mission appearing at beginning of the next mission fixed.
  • Infinite wall through towers has been fixed.
  • Estates now display correctly in the mini-map using the carter’s post.
  • Castle kitchen no longer turns red when targeting using a dragon.
  • You can no longer launch werewolves into water.
  • The mouse cursor now changes to a "crossed-out" symbol when attempting to order frost giants to pass through ice tunnels.
  • Issue with Vlad placing the incorrect buildings is fixed.
  • Issues with buying unavailable goods using the market slider are fixed.
  • Witches will no longer fire through top of the keep.
  • Firing continuous infernal balls exploit has been resolved.
  • User is now able to click anywhere on barracks slider to snap to that point.
  • The issue with map order resetting after being arranged is resolved.
  • Various text cut-offs and tooltip boxes improved.
  • Siege equipment spawning in invasions improved.
  • Audio to tell player they have no available peasants implemented.
  • Demonic Bats can now be ordered to stand ground so they will not attack nearby enemy troops.
  • Issue with troops floating in mid-air on destroyed towers has been fixed.
  • Rally points for dragons are fixed.
  • Rally Points for the Knights of the Round Table have individual character flags.
  • Stake hurler, ballista and orb only have the stand ground option.
  • Polar bears cannot use siege towers.
  • Random events now appear in the happiness menu.
  • Arrow keys can be used to scroll load/save screens.
  • Troops no longer get stuck when placing a gatehouse over them.
  • The player can no longer control rogue werewolves and outlaws once they have been killed in multiplayer mode.
  • Players can no longer gain back half the resources from buildings that were free, such as a free stockpile, woodcamp and ox tether, in multiplayer mode.
  • #0033CC - New players joining a lobby no longer shifts the starting positions around.
  • #0033CC - Using Lord's power or hatching a dragon while the chat window is open.
  • #0033CC - The host can no longer start a game when changing to Economic War with only AI opponents.
  • #0033CC - The other player has been promoted message has been implemented.
  • #0033CC - 'The keep is enclosed' message does not play during the loading screen.
  • #0033CC - When you are in the game, all players are now able to tell who is on what team.
  • #0033CC - The player colours and map territory in the lobby screen now match.
  • #0033CC - You can no longer make troops during peace time in multiplayer, if you had a barracks or special troop tower pre-placed on your map.
  • #0033CC - Players can no longer start a game of Economic War in Multiplayer mode with goals that cannot be met by all the selected alignments. e.g. If the objective is to make candles and a player selects the evil alignment, the game cannot start because evil cannot make candles in the game.
  • #0033CC - Crossbowmen are more effective against giants in multiplayer mode only.
  • #0033CC - Giants take more damage from fire and rolling logs in multiplayer mode only.
  • #0033CC - Moat is now available to all alignments in multiplayer mode only.
  • Custom Skirmish - Start button grayed out until AI opponents are added.
  • #008029 - The brush sizes updated correctly when switching tool menus in the Map Editor.
  • #008029: A wall to be placed no longer gets stuck to the cursor after mousing over the edge of the map.
  • #008029: 'Include Lord' button no longer available when enemy invasions set to Movement or Vandalise.
  • #008029: Player is now able to set the production of all workshops.
  • #008029: The Leave Map/Stay on Map button fixed.
  • #008029: The Siegfried, Saxon Warlord, and Pictish Boat Warrior units no longer appear in the availability tab.
  • #008029: The Destroy/Normal/Collapsing button appears correctly on-screen.