The Wolf Return - Chap 3

24th Sep 2017
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By rfortuna

FInal Chapter of the Military campaign after Stronghold 1

Remake of Stronghold 3 with some changes in history

You will have to fight against the jackal and thwart the return of the Wolf.

11 A iron's answer

The pigs finally turned out to be a challenge. The Jackal bit him to the hook and his vanguard was swept away. Only loss has deplorated, the escape of the rats of our cellars. The vermin slips in everywhere.

We must now put our plan into action. I sent the Green Knight to cut the supply lines of the Jackal, Sir Longarm advancing towards the capital liberating the towns and villages on his way, always bringing together more troops.

Ironhead proposed to face the Jackal's army at the castle of his late cousin. I will fight at these sides here. Ironhead is a burnt head and a wise mind will not be too much.

The assault promises to be formidable. The greater part of the forces of the Jackal melt on us. Use all the defenses placed at our disposal and annihilate them!


12 I see fire

Many brave men have died here. But the Jackal was defeated! The Wolf finally showed up, his hatred for me will cause his loss!

Meanwhile the Green Knight docked on enemies' coasts at the head of a small group of warriors. This is where the pirates and the Jackal fleet are.

This island not far from our coasts allows him to control the waters and to refuel his army in life and troops.

Unfortunately, the garrison of the pirate stronghold is more important than we thought! Men in armor in the color of the jackal go through this infamous fortress.

We're going to have to be cunning. This vile cluster of straw huts must have a weak point.


13 For the King

It was splendid! The Green Knight annihilated the Jackal's fleet with its own reserves of Greek fire! The scoprions hidden in the pirate dungeon have done wonders on the fleet below.

And he found the rats, hounded by the pirates, negotiating their passage in a distant country. This time there was no pardon, no pity for vermin. The rats were thrown down the cliff and crashed on the rocks. We are close to victory .. I always follow the Wolf. Sir Longarm, when he has just arrived at the capital. He is here, the dreaded Chacal, a colossus in armor his face masked by a helmet in front of Jackal, his yellow cape floating in the wind.

Let us hope that our knights will succeed in reaching the King and capture this infamous Jackal before it is too late!


14 The final blow

The King is safe and sound. Sir Longarm arrived just in time, after these many months of siege the defenders were near to cede ..

The Jackal was badly injured but he succeeded despite all knocking down 3 knights before escaping .. We should chase him but only the Wolf counts for me ..

We debused it, hidden in my old charred castle. The final battle will be held here in this old fort. Sir Longarm recommended me caution but it is far and the wolf so close.

The royal scribe joined me and assured me that the King's army would soon be there. Whatever I'm going to get hold of this castle is finally I would have my vengeance!


15 Epilogue

The Wolf is defeated! His armies were annihilated, these allies fled! I crossed his eyes during the battle, a look full of hatred but also of fear!

Once again I was going to defeat him and this time I would keep his head on a pike at the top of my dungeon! We pursued it with some brave men.

Suddenly a tile shot down my horse and several others! It was a trap, the last trap of a man who has lost everything. Faced with me he sent me these last men to capture me.

But the time has come! If I were to die I would cut off his filthy head. It's time to end all this!