Tales of the Overlord

25th Jul 2017
Stronghold Legends
Custom War
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By rfortuna

(Version 1.3)

Sorry for bad english! THis story is based on the game Overlord. This is the first 4 mission

Embarrassingly defeated 5 years ago by a group of whiny and troubled pubescent heroes,

you are once more summoned back to life to sow terror upon people’s hearts.

1 The Evil find always his way

You wake up after a long sleep in the middle of a pile of rubble. You do not know where you are, no memory .. not the least ..

Deformed servants lift you up and take you back to life. The rabid man who presents himself to you is called Biscornu.

He said: "You have at last become a master!" After the passage of this company of heroes we believe never again see you. Deuce! Look at what condition these lousy knight have left the castle!

While he relates the fall of what he calls the Overlord, dark little beings equip you with a black armor.

Biscornu said: "Ah, here you are now worthy of your new rank Sir! No time to be silly, you have to find and track down these damned polecats.

One of them stayed here not far from your land...

It does not matter lord! Gather the little man we have left, and put the peasants round about! Bring us the head of Melvin Fatbelly!


2 The Lazy Knight

At the death of Fatbelly a dark energy has arisen and pierced you, what is it?

This did not seem to disturb Biscornu: Lord you have done well! The first of these beggars has succumbed!

Now it's time to extend your domain! The village of Abundance nearby would be ideal. These peasant cowards were too happy to betray you when the knights arrived.

Besides, one of your murderers has remained here, to sleep, and to drag his carcass like an old sick man. This lazy knight stands between you and your future people my lord .. It's time to cut heads!

Your former servants, the werewolves have finally come out of their muddy caverns and offer their services. Let us go there lord! For the evil!


3 The man who whispered in the ear of the vakyrie

The same phenomenon occurred at the death of the Lazy Kngiht. This dark energy makes me stronger .. I feel that Biscornu is aware of a few things but he says nothing .. Dark worms ..

He said, "Master, these valkyries who came to the aid of the Lazy Knight worries me at the highest level! If your enemies receive their support, you must act as soon as possible!

Go on their land to the north! I take care of the defenses of your domain. Establish yourself at our barbarian allies, gather their leader and break up those big sows in armor!

It is said that one of the knights fell under the spell of Queen Valkyrie, Fay, leaving women and children to join her.

If you see this little pervert, plant him a pile where I think!


R4 The Fabulous QUeen Fay

Biscornu said :

We defeated the Valkyries and their pitiful servant. No, but watch them run like chickens! Look !

We must push our avane lord, catch up this knight and recover what is rightfully yours!

Oh, I am afraid of having said too much about it, you are right, at the death of the Overlord its malignant all-power impregnated the soul of these damned knights.

So their default has become .. let's say very Flashy .. But truce of words lord! Go to the castle of the Valkyries and capture their Queen Fay!

Its beneficial power is such that it makes me sick .. If we can have it in good condition, no doubt you could show him how much the dark side is seductive hum?

Beware of your putrefaction, our spies inform us that the dwarves of King Beowulf take advantage of the general Chaos to plunder the lands of the North. It is a scandal!

Evil is our buisness not theirs! Our sorcerers have managed to wake up the giant bat of Mount Vargas, use them wisely.

R4-2 Galahad the Skirt-runner

The queen Fay was captured .. she protested at the beginning but I could quickly drain her magic energy. As she grew weaker, I felt that she was growing in a particularly malefic face.

I named her first mistress, maybe one day we will have plenty of little overlords running in our malefic domain.

But let's focus on the present, the knight no longer benefits from the protection of Fay, it's time I go to look for his head!

What ?! This imbecile has already been captured by the dwarves ?? They really recruit anyone now into chivalry!



Why my brother ?! Why !? These are the last words of Galahad .. Me his brother? His brother in arms? Decidedly Biscornu hides something from me.

Biscornu says: You have already recovered most of your power from yesteryear. You must try to return to the malefic domain, hordes of knights harass our defenses.

The death of their brothers has put them in such anger! You might, however, make a stop in the dwarfs.

I remember now that the Cupid Beowulf was beside these infamous knights! In addition to a part of your malefic power, it holds a very powerful artifact, stolen in your house, your majesty ..

Cut down quickly this short-a** and quickly return my lord. Our nosu scouts inform us that a group of knights is fighting at this very moment against the dwarves, the enemy of my enemy and my enemy as they say ..


Biscornu said : The Knights have joined us, it is in truth the two younger brothers of a lady of high nobility. When you enter the old hut you are subdued.

A long red hair, a silhouette so sweety and eyes of a depth .. Oh I fail my lord .. The Beautiful lady said to name Rose.

She was traveling with a large escort when Beowulf the nabot and those repulsive dwarves attacked the caravan. A new mistress will not be too much in the field sire ..

Even if Fay can very bad take it .. Go not lose time lord! Bring us the head of this dwarf and our artifact!

15th Aug 2017

This file is incredible. The detail and amount of time you have put into this is just stunning.