The Viking Crusade

24th Feb 2017
Stronghold Crusader 2
Military Missions
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By Mezzy Chizra


Barbarians, plunderers, vikings – the whole world freezes in shock when they see our Dragon Boats. Haakon the Good, Harald Fairhair, even Eric the Red... the great heroes are dead... once my heathen folk of the battle axe brought fire all over Europe but now we are a part of the great Christian realm... northern province kinghts. But the new alliances make us strong.

And in my hand the Christian cross shall become a bringer of fear like the hammer of Thor in the ancient days! We will expand like never before and loot enormous treasures from the East, which our ancestors would have never dreamt of! And the poets will sing about my crusade because it is the blood of Odin that flows through my veins!

I am Sigurd the First, King of Norway. And this is my saga.


- 5 continuous story scenario missions (12 are planned)

- Innovative mission design with all the power of the Scenario Editor that the original game has never shown!

- Exciting new locations like Norway and Portugal!

- All new unique maps

- Based on real historic events


1. An Old Norse Farewell

2. Of Pirates and Vikings

3. Portuguese Pride

4. Reconquista Raid

5. End of the Emir

6. Touching Holy Ground*

7. Washing in River Jordan*

8. A Ventian Promise*

9. End of the Shahanshah*

10. The Siege of Sidon*

11. End of the Caliph*

12. A shiver of God*

* Planned


- Copy the *.shmap files to \Documents\stronghold crusader 2\Maps

- Start Stronghold Crusader 2

- You will find all missions under Singleplayer - - > Community Maps

- It is recommended to play them in the right order and to read the mission descriptions carefully

26th Feb 2017

This has to be, without a shadow of doubt, the best Crusader 2 campaign that I have ever seen.

The amount of effort into tiny details from the history and background of the maps to the tiny attention to detail not only in scripting, but terrain - this set of maps are everything you would ever want and more. It's simply indescribable.

This deserves an immediate promotion to our Contributors group for providing us with outstanding quality content.

Welcome to the site, and well done!! :)

25th Feb 2019

Thank you very much for your kind words :) I am very sorry for replying to your comment not earlier than exactly two years later. Due to some far-reaching events in my life back in 2017 I just absolutely forgot that I uploaded my campaign to your site. It's unbelievable that it was downloaded over 900 times! I would love to discuss with you if it is still worth to continue my work on this. For I was never an active member of the Stronghold community it would be great to get some advice :) I hope it's okay, that I just sent you a friend request on Steam. The e-mail adress I used to register here is also still valid.