4th Jan 2014
Stronghold 2
Custom War
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By Lord Vetka


Starting out you thought this might be an easy assignment, the enemy Lord was thinking a new Lord starting out, well lets see if we can give this new Lord something to work with.

You have plenty of land to build on, different levels will cause you to be extra careful in how you set yourself up here. The surrounding villages have most of the resources you will need, your enemy will make getting them and holding them a little difficult.

As you build your armies up and take control of the villages, your thoughts should be on your final goal of owning all of the estates and having no enemies left, the final village is well defended and will be reinforced when you do enter the village.

Little paths that will help to get your goals, a few restrictions will help to make it a little harder, no trebs to pound from a distance cats coming up a bit short, at least you have ladders to get to the walls with enough troops, then maybe you can get the last of the enemy out of the towers, if the reinforcements don't overwhelm you.

Who is the enemy Lord you ask, well that would be the King, this should tell you that he will be attacking with the best of troops in force, so I gave you all of the troops from the barracks and horsemen from the merc camp.

It's just a small map with plenty to keep you busy, Quests will change market and building ques as you go, I hope you enjoy this little creation, I've enjoyed playing this map more than a few times.

By Lord Vetka

13th Feb 2014

Firstly, sorry for the late review.

Because it's a small map, there should not be much space to manoeuvre about, but actually you've done a very good map with great use of space. Other than that, it's exceptional. The small pathways and double entrances for the enemies Castle/Estate are great.

And I've never seen mountains so detailed. They really are perfect. That has to be the best mountain I've ever seen on a map. The detail is so good I can't even put it into words. You place the exact right amount of trees on top so there are not too many, or too few.

The terrain seems so natural and the levels just blend together so you can't even tell where they join, I really don't know how you do it - how long does it take to create one of your maps?

Especially the terrain you start on is very good for creating your castle, the use of the estate overhang is good because you think you can kill some of the pike man with archers, but you really can't as they aren't in range. However, it is very clever the way you've disguised them behind the tree. The pathways are so small and perfect, they blend into the surroundings and I don't see them sometimes they're that good.

I also didn't notice the stones in the rivers at first - that was VERY effective, it made me wonder how you managed to get the water looking that real.

It's also good the way you've made the stone in a separate estate to the other resources, which means that it will take longer to gain the needed stone.

Again, the use of limiting weapons was good, it slowed the game right down which was better.

Honestly, I've got to say, your maps are as good as the ones by Firefly. I can't tell a difference. (In fact, if I were to comment, I'd probably say yours were better than Firefly's.)

Well done, another 5 star map! :)