Jungle Fever

14th Dec 2014
Stronghold Crusader 2
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By Lord Vetka

Jungle Fever

Enough of this desert, I'm tired of the heat and the dry and the sand, I don't want to see sand for the rest of my life, Enough!

Well that's fine but where do you plan to go to get away from the desert?

I have been reading brochures about an amazing place to the East called "Jungle", nice warm breezes trees and vegetation every where, lots of water, it just sounds like heaven to get away from this cursed desert, I will be leaving tomorrow!

But, when will you be back my Lord Raymne, what are we to do?

Back, I have no intention of coming back, you can have this dry hot castle, make a run of it yourself or follow me if you like, "Jungle" has to be better than staying here.

And so Lord Raymne did leave the next day, some followed, most stayed where they were, to scared to move, they don't like the desert either but not quite enough to leave, so Lord Raymne took one last look back as he left the castle, a few wagons of goods some peasants loyal to him was all that left the castle today.

In the Jungle, Lord Raymne found a simple spot for a castle, he only had 50 days to produce 50 jugs of pitch and 30 armour in order to own this lovely place in the heart of this jungle, looks like the pitch is guarded by lions, what did they follow me to, but the iron deposits were guarded by raiders and he heard that some Man at arms would be coming by for a visit and not a friendly one either, looks like it's not much different than the desert after all!

By Lord Vetka

15th Dec 2014

Loveley story, Lord Vetka.

Sounds like we have the "Lord Raymne Chronicles" with another chapter here.

Look forward to playing it.

16th Dec 2014

Thank You Nigel, I surprised myself on that one!

You got me thinking of the next chapter for "Lord Raymne" the chronicles it is then, where do we go with Lord Raymne next?

A short fun little map, I hope you enjoy it.

27th Dec 2014

Very nice map and very detailed. Must took have a time to place all the trees :)

28th Dec 2014

Thank you Micha!, Something a little different, the trees were not to bad, I placed one type of tree then a another type and one more, then added in some groves of banana trees, it did not take long, it even looks a bit like a jungle!

I like the texture I put on the hills by the keep, it looks like barren rock, great that you can move the ruins around in the editor!