13th Nov 2014
Stronghold Crusader 2
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By Lord Vetka


I give you Bretar in 2 versions, "Bretar war" is a war scenario, but in order for the invasions to work I had to make the map a skirmish map, in order to play the map you will have to load it in the skirmish section and place 2 enemy allies in the 2 lower estates and put yourself into the top estate, the start conditions should be left as default.

"Bretar Skirmish" is a Skirmish map and you can place any of the AI Lords in the 2 lower estates and you in the top estate, the AI will build in the top estate, but they will not do very well.


Lord Bretar stood on his keep looking around, the stockroom would have to be a way from the keep, a large enough area to build a fine industry is just down the road and to the left, a little further down the road there would be enough farmland and trees to take care of a fairly large castle, a little to the east there is more than enough stone to build any kind of castle, this made him feel good, but the only road in made him feel that much better about his ability to hold this ground.

As the goods came in, the castle went up along with the weapons work shops and the barracks, next the stone coming in could be turned into walls and towers to keep even the best warriors from entering his castle, Lord Bretar felt good!

The days went by, and before we had a chance to breath we were attacked by our enemies from the 2 lower estates, we could hold them off with what had been built so far, as the attacks grew stronger time would tell if we could hold the castle.

Time will tell if you can build a castle in the high plateau and hold it against 2 allied enemies, it could come down to who you put into the 2 lower estates as your enemies, I wish you good luck!

By Lord Vetka

28th Nov 2014

I had the honor to try this map. I like it very much.

Just like with other Vetka's maps - everything is just perfect! I gave 4 to playability only because position in the north might not be suitable to all AI's perhaps, but I do realize that position was meant for human player who would use those narrow passages as good as possible. Besides that, I did give 5.0 to this map because Vetka and other great map makers putted here pretty high standards. :)

30th Nov 2014

Hey EaglePrince, glad you liked the map, I was trying to make a war scenario, and ended up having to go this way, using the skirmish to make the invasions work, that will be no more, I will make this map a proper invasion scenario and post it in the war scenario section when I am done and it will be harder!

Thank you for the fine compliments on my maps, I do like to make the maps as natural as I can for the most part, this editor is hard to use but has good potential, lots of ways to manipulate how things look, to get the paths to work we can use Pathing, it stops you from going on the ground you place the pathing on, so you can make the units go where you want them.

How did you like having separate places for the goods, farms down the hill, iron over on the building area and stone on the other side, you have to spread yourself out to play this one, and a choke point to defend!

Thank You for the rating!