A Chefs Quest C

4th Oct 2014
Stronghold 2
Custom War
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v1.5 Steam
6th Apr 2017 11:00
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By Lord Vetka

This contest is now closed, the map is posted here in case you would like to see it and if you would like to see how you would have done if you did enter.

The winner is Lord Chris with an impressive score of 1681 honor!

A Chefs Quest

Contest Map

Welcome to A Chefs Quest, the map is a war scenario, you will be invaded and you will have to fight to get a high score, your goal is to get as much Honor as you can in 15 years.

There are 4 main scripted invasions, and 3 quests that will trigger invasions as well, as you complete the quests, building and market ques will change.

Quest A, get 30 archers.

Quest B, own 3 estates.

Quest C, get 20 wine.

The contest is open to registered players and staff members who want to enter, the staff member rule will be overruled for this contest, I Lord Vetka am putting this contest together for strongholdnations and will be the only judge. So Please Enter!

When you start the map please SAVE your game, you will need to send this SAVE along with the final SAVE for your entry.

There is a win timer counting down the 15 years, SAVE your map a couple of months before your time runs out.

You can send your 2 SAVES, to "lordvetka-at-strongholdnation-dot-co-dot-uk"

The Contest starts July-11 and ends August-08 2014

The prize for the high score will be- A Custom Title!

Please read the general contest rules, they will apply here, no changing any part of the map or scripting, late entries will not count, make sure a start and end save is included.

Please enjoy the game, it's a normal map as it is, getting the most honor will be a challenge!

By Lord Vetka