protecting your lands 2v4

24th Nov 2013
Stronghold 2
Custom War
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10th Sep 2021 22:37
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By bradley0095

its a 2 v 4 map that going to be updated later maybe and it can be a challenging map

P.s this was created on game version 1.4.1

29th Nov 2013

Wow! Where do I start? This is one good map - It took me ages to complete it!

Firstly, the textures are very well balanced, and you don't see too much of one specific texture. The terrain has been nicely finished off with them, and doesn't look bland, and generally, you have a good variety in them. The scenery, (especially the waterfall) looks outstanding. The cliffs and mountains look just right, they don't appear too high or low (and I think it looks even better that you've added them next to a river). The different levels and heights have been used very well, and it looks real, exactly like you would expect a map to look like - no square estates or square territories, you have evened them out very well. It also appears you can also do something I can't; placing bushes, shrubs and plants effectively. They were very well placed, and looked natural there. I liked the way you gave each player a custom keep, that was good.

The AI seem to be in the places they play best in, (If you know what I mean) they seem (to me) like those are the places they fit best in. Another good addition was the Bears and Wolves - I didn't see the wolves at first, so got quite a shock when I found them there (especially in such a large number!)

There was loads of building space, meaning you could quickly get an economy up (or as soon as you can). It was challenging with the resources, especially at first. But the way you gave the user the resources was good - not too many, not to few. Every single detail seemed to be perfect. I liked the way you could only buy crossbows as well. That was a nice touch, as it stopped me from buying loads of weapons! It's good that the AI only start to attack halfway through, as it gives you just enough time to build up an army.

I do think I may have found two or three bugs though.Firstly, there is some kind of bug with your keep in which your lord can't stand on the top, and people can walk through it (including enemies). Also, people can walk through the rivers and forests - (I don't know whether you intended this or not, but the forest one is good, as it means you can't see your enemy sneaking up on you)

You have clearly shown an advanced scripting knowledge here on this map, so my final rating is:

5/5. Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's amazing!

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11th Feb 2014

by the way this is was made on version 1.4.1 the latest and I haven't encountered the keep bug

11th Feb 2014

That will be why, I'm on version 1.3.1 so it will be due to the difference in versions.

11th Feb 2014

ok edited it in main post