24th Aug 2014
Stronghold Crusader
Peace Custom
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By Lord Vetka


Your king has asked you to build a small settlement in Hobnibitt county, and requests a few goods.

The county is rich in iron, making metal armor should not be a problem, and has more than enough farm land to feed your people and make a few leather armor and get in a few barrels of ale as well.

In your new keep you will find the land is also rich in lions, you will have some weapons to make a few troops with, you both know that bandits are in the area and will more than likely come for a visit, don't be surprised to see a few fires here and there, wheat rot and hops weavel will be competing against the tree fungus for top spot.

Archers and Spearmen will have to save the day, the lions have a hearty appetite, the bandits might laugh at you if you try and get to close, your lord might have to get his hands dirty if you want to survive in this rich land!

Enjoy your stay!

By Lord Vetka

7th Sep 2014

I have just played this scenario, and I like it very much!

The story is really nice! The map is playable - just like your other maps, one does not have lots of space for his castle, but still, he/she does have enough. Besides that, here one does not need a castle at all! This is more about building a small village.

The landscape and creativity - just like always, you did it great!

I do have one suggestion though! I like how I was able to use those hills in my advantage while killing the lions! Could that be possible to change the map from economic scenario to invasion in the following way? A player would have the same small keep like now, but on the low ground in the middle of the map - western of the large oasis, and with stone walls and gatehouses disabled. Player would be able to train the same units as I was now, and he would be using these same hills to defend his village (which would be nothing more than just a village since he wouldn't be able to build castle walls).

What do you think?

8th Sep 2014

Thank you for the fine rating, glad you had fun playing my map, the lack of space was no concern for you, try it the intended way, I found the map to hard and had to tone it down to where I thought all players could win the map after a few tries.

I like the landscape here, nothing to close, hills for the lions to sleep away the afternoon, a few patches of grass to grow the goods needed, and enough trees to build your village, even a little stone to through you off.

I could make the changes no problem, how would you like your enemy invasions served up and how long would you like to play for?

Do you want a bunch of small skirmishes or one big invasion or both?

Or maybe you would like me to surprise you?

8th Sep 2014
Do you want a bunch of small skirmishes or one big invasion or both?

I think both would be good, but you can surprise me. :)