Custom Music Pack

16th Nov 2013
Stronghold 2
No of Estates:
Very Easy
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File Size:
82.58 MB
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By Lord_Chris

The custom music pack will automatically modify the game and adds new music featured from composers such as Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, as well as other games such as The Settlers Heritage of Kings, CivCity Rome, Rome Total War.

In total, there are 30 more files available in this music pack. Some of the files that play are original game files, however hardly any of the original game music files actually play now. The music also plays for longer, and there is less time between it stopping and starting again.

Some of the new music includes:

  • - Hans Zimmer
  • - Hans Zimmer
  • - Robert Euvino
  • - Michael Pummell
  • - Michael Pummell
  • - Howard Shore
  • - Howard Shore
  • - Michael Pummell
  • - Robert Euvino
  • - Jeff van Dyck
  • - Atli Örvarsson
  • - Medieval 2 Total War
  • - Medieval 2 Total War
18th Feb 2014

I have now fixed the download issue on this file.

27th Jul 2014

Updated: The installer will now restore the backups of the files 'sh2_Playlists.csv' and 'Music Volume Levels.txt' when uninstalling the rest of the modification.

[Edited by Lord_Chris on 27th Jul 2014 17:31:54]

30th Nov 2014

nice music pack :D

30th Nov 2014

hmm why is it when after downloading, the file is always damage XD

30th Nov 2014

Is it still doing it? I thought this was fixed. It's another restriction of the current server, it will be fixed when we move.

Sorry, nothing much more I can do at the moment :(

14th Dec 2014

Should be good to go now!

26th Mar 2016

Updated the file to version 1.0.6. Changelog:

  • Changed installation notes
  • Fixed problems with certain songs being too loud
  • Re-balanced sound in Tutorial and added more time between songs
  • Re-balanced silences in overall game
  • Removed both Kingmaker music and replaced with "Return of the Eagle"
  • Removed 'mod_win_small'
  • Added `
    ` from Medieval 2 Total War
  • Added `
    ` from Medieval 2 Total War
  • Removed unused audio and removed the audio which wasn't as realistic, e.g. the Ice & Evil audio taken from Stronghold Legends
  • Re-balanced music volume levels

[Edited by Lord_Chris on 26th Mar 2016 14:28:33]

14th Jul 2017

I've updated this file and optimised the installation process slightly.