20th Aug 2014
Stronghold 2
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By Lord Vetka


In a time best forgotten came a race of people who thought they could control the power of evil.They built a place to conjure evil and cast spells,and they learned in order for the power of evil to be used they would have to build a new place made for live sacrifices.And with their conjuring and casting and sacrifices they learned that if they made rise to a spitting firey mound conjured with evil spells that their Evil Lord King would come to the surface of this land and their bidding shall be done.

But in their lust for power they learned to late that evil will spare no one and they were ripped from this surface to go down and do their Evil Lord Kings bidding.But when the Evil Lord King ripped this race of people from the surface he left himself locked between two worlds with only his hand part of his head and his swords blade showing in this now overheated world only to wait for someone new to come along and free him,Up or Down.This someone new could it be you, Do you dare build in such a vile place? Do you dare to war here and spill blood? Well then you truly must be a brave and true Lord!

By Lord Vetka

This map was made in 2007 and is posted at Heaven Games, Enjoy!

21st Aug 2014

Nice! An evil styled terrain similar to that in Legends. That's one thing I miss in SH2. Very detailed, very well blended together and looked natural, just as terrain should do. There was never too much nor too little & the balance between estates was very good.

The spiked terrain was very good along the central path, it made the map look more evil, and made it a bit more uneasy. I'm still not sure what the circular cave thing was for, but it looked pretty awesome nonetheless. The choice of trees was very effective because they were never all in one place - this made collecting wood much harder because you were having to move your saw pits to different locations constantly in order to maximise their output.

The lack of stone on the map meant it is very hard to get a castle built up quickly, and stopped you from placing stone quarries in mass all over the sites. The fact that there was no iron also made it a lot harder as you had to rely on gold or other weapons - however, this did give you an advantage over the AI.

The several circular volcano type things around the map were good, especially since some of them appeared to be smoking like a volcano does. The rivers were a nice dark colour which helped with the realism rather than a bright cheery river, and the fact they weren't very long made it better because longer rivers wouldn't look right on that kind of map.

There was a lot of space for building which was good, I've played some maps on SH2 where there is practically no space for building, and it ruins what appeared to be a very well made map. A nice amount of estates were there, and this helped a lot with the stone and wood issues, as well as the usual stuff that estates do.

The amount of animals were very small, so it looked a bit more evil looking, I would maybe suggest some kind of outlaw camp - or more wolves maybe to interfere a bit more with the player's plans.

I have one criticism with the terrain: towards the top center of the map, the path terrain goes completely straight and chunky for a few yards. I liked the addition of pitch, a bit more would be a bit better, but what you have is sufficient to keep every player fighting over it.

Lots of space for building your keep, you can have almost any layout you like - which is always a good thing. I managed to get a pretty good castle built with three sides, the fourth was a 'viewing window' against the edge of the map which meant I didn't need to defend it as much. A fairly good map!

24th Aug 2014

Thanks a lot Lord Chris, the terrain turned out pretty good for an evil map, I put in a few features to help, the round area surrounded by spikes is a place of worship at the other end of the trail is for live sacrifices and to the right is another place to pray, where evil is festering out of the mound.

There is iron on the map, the Evil Lord coming out of the ground has an iron sword that crosses into 2 villages and the hand has room for 1 mine.

An open map with room to build and move around, I thought I had to many wolves on the map, maybe I will try and do something better at a later time.

Thank You!