Castle Stauf

15th Jun 2014
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By Steinhardt

Castle Stauf

This ist he first of a row of older , already published maps. But the maps itself are changed and sometimes more detailed, and they have completely new, more action orientated scripts.

Although the map bases on the floorplans of castle Stauf, it is only partially a model of this castle. Some parts are free designs.

Where you could find castle Stauf:

It is settled in the East of southern Germany, near the Tschec border and a town , called Eisenstadt. It isnt well known and a large, but nearly complete crumbled ruin.

Real history of Castle Stauf:

The castle has still probably originated before 1000 and as "castellum Stoufenburc" the eldest in a document proved arrangement(enclosure) of her kind in the Palatinate.

As the first inhabitant was mentioned in a document about 1000 Herzog Konrad I of Carinthia from the house of the Salier. In the 12th century the castle was as the imperial fiefs of the Staufer in the possession of the family Gottfried von Stauf. Later the owners changed. In the Peasants' War in 1525 was destroyed the castle which existed of a precastle (south castle), a "middle castle" and the core castle (north castle).

The Upper Rhine area, Wurttemberg, upper Swabian, Franconia, Thuringia, Rhineland, Tyrol and Salzburg count to the single scenes of the Peasants' War from 1523 to 1526. Also in numerous towns (Frankfurt am Main, Nuremberg, Mulhouse) it came to riots . Besides, local connection was rather the rule than the exception. The uprisings happened predominantly in own territorial borders. To determine the causes for the rural riots ), is difficult on account of the temporal and regional differences. Several reasons were probably often vital: to receive economic need and social misery difficulties towards basic men, body men and court men right , and not least mismanagement in church and clergy.

Your History:

You are Kunibert, the wolf, Lord of Stauf, and how many other aristocrats you have squeezed your peasants and have ignored them, because, like everybody, you would hold for your right. Now you are surprised about the furious uprisings of the farmers and their leaders, they claim back what you have taken. You hope for the emperor, but he will not come....

About the map:

It is once more a map of the second level, nevertheless , however, also as a defender rather simply. The adversaries are not particularly strong. The bridge which connects precastle and main castle is to be followed. If this bridge is destroyed, nobody more can enter the castle or leave what can lead to a stalemate situation., one should esteem wanting one this, to draw off his troops in time.