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  1. Sorry, it doesn't work again, and it is in some way unnerving. It is again not possible, to upload in Stronghold 1 Content of the Iformation:.......Internal mistake in the site .... very , veryhelpful .... http://cdn.stronghold-nation.com/smilies/wink.png[/img])
  2. It is very frutrating, du ask someone if there are tenical Problems: The?Upload of Stronghold 1 doesnt work correct anymore. He alwas repeats in the ask for the category,, but the question was again and again fullfilled. I tried about four hours to upload a map, but I am now really tired of it.
  3. Generally I need for a complete map 4 or 5 days, much what will be done is routine. But sometimes it proves to be difficult to transfer a structure to a map, than it will be some days more. I know the maps could have somtimes more details, and some mentioned this already in comments. But the decisive point: The maps are all aboriginal part of a large campaign. Even if at the end of a rulership the Castle isn't destroyed and warlike Events did not happen, uses sthe peasants resources up, the ground lost power, and there could be natural disasters. This all changes the maps again and again. If they are too detailed, much spended time was useless. But more important: Large Castles have about 300 - 400 inhabitants, and they all need Food. Therefore you Need a lot of free space for farming on the maps, otherwise you have to buy food every fifth Minute ...... and this could be very annoying ....
  4. As I intend to upload several castles more I should introduce myself a little bit more. I know stronghold since 2004 and Idesigned since this time lots oc castles, I don?t remember how many. But I hadn`t had Internet for a long time, and I wasn`t interested in uploading too. I am primarily a castle builder, less a strategist. Hence, the scripts were rather weak just at the beginning. I still use Stronghold 1, just because I am a castle builder. The old play enables to combine all elements unhindered and to design new buildings, there are palaces with 1000 windows, residential building, gate towers, etc. possible. This is possible with the following plays less and less. Maybe somebody has noted that my castles are based on ground plans of real castles , but these castles, however, are mostly ruins and hardly exist. Reason for it is the game itself. It is based on elements of English castles, castles in the Midlands or Wales. Thus one can construct models of English castles, but not castles of the other countries. There were dozens different architectural styles, differently than the typically English ones. Models of European castles are an extremely bad joke. Who knows the original, knows, the models have no resemblance to the original. None. Not at all. Therefore you find always the explanation: ?not a model, partially free design?.? ;-)) And ?.as the originals not exist anymore, or are small ruins, you can`t never prove, how similar my version is in comparition to the gone original ?.. ;-)))
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