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Making passage over river

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Hi. I was on my way to edit my map Tri Reke. That's the one with canyon bridges. They are really interesting, but for better playability it might be better if I made passages over these rives. So I don't want to make bridges on low ground below the hills, I want to make these passages.



Then I noticed that the tool for that (see above) doesn't work the way I expected, and then I came to this website, and I read this article. What bugs me now is this paragraph about the above mentioned tool.

This will allow you to make water that your troops can walk on, if you click on it once, then place water.NOTE: If you use this way instead of our tutorial's way, then troops can also walk into other places that they shouldn't be able to, like in the middle of forests.


I believe I shouldn't use this tool "directly" then, but in another way, as described in another tutorial, but I can't find that tutorial anywhere. Can you point me out to this tutorial, or to say what it is about?


Thanks in advance!


EDIT: I hope I'm close to solving this issue. It appears that there used to be several issues here. One of them could be access to the river not being completely flat, and the other one: it appears I cannot mark the part of river, which was below a high bridge, crossable. I'm not sure about any of those though. :) And now I'm getting back to business. :)


SECOND EDIT: This turns out to work quite strange. After I delete these bridges, it appears that it doesn't matter where I mark crossable water. It would always be crossable to the left and to the right of the deleted bridge, but not directly below the bridge. I may use this in my favor. Unless I am mistaken. But maybe not today, I will have to finish something else first, but hopefully I will come back to this this evening. If nothing else works, I would make bridges in these valley's instead of the high bridges. That would do, though that wouldn't be what I originally wanted.

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An "Editor Glitch" perhaps? I used to get weird "Bermuda Triangle" effects (what I call them) when I used to improperly erase or use Large Rocks over a Keep that was surrounded by Medium Mountains. I used to use this to hide my Keeps when I made Historical Battlefield Maps. A "friendly" Bug?


Do or did you still use The Map with this issue? If so, how did it play? Regardless, it's an interesting issue. I may try replicating it to see exactly what happens.?

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Well, I would love if I was able to make a rather wide passage over a river, like I would be able in Crusader 1 or Stronghold 1. Unfortunately that doesn't seem possible to do here, but I shall wait for Chris to arrive and tell us what is the tutorial he referred to in the above mentioned article.


After I see what are all the possibilities, it may turn out to be that this is a friendly bug. :)


I will experiment a little bit more tomorrow or the day after.


What I have described happens only on the map Tri Reke which can be downloaded from the downloads section. But who knows, maybe it happens on other maps too. I just won't have any time to try something more about this today, as it got pretty late here already. :)

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This is the map. :)



I love those bridges, I also put a lot of effort in figuring out how to make them, in which Tokamaps helped me a lot. He showed me how to do it actually.


But downside of these high bridges is that AI lords' troops by the time get "stuck" below these bridges. Well, these troops don't actually get stuck, but AI lords just don't order them to move on, or to move elsewhere. That's why I'm trying to replace these high bridges with passages.

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I believe I shouldn't use this tool "directly" then, but in another way, as described in another tutorial, but I can't find that tutorial anywhere. Can you point me out to this tutorial, or to say what it is about?


That tutorial is our Bridges over Canyons Tutorial. You probably already know everything, but here is the link to it again in case you'd like to refresh yourself (and for the benefit of other users) : https://www.stronghold-nation.com/article/65-bridges-over-canyons - recently rewritten and better than ever!


One of them could be access to the river not being completely flat, and the other one: it appears I cannot mark the part of river, which was below a high bridge, crossable.


Once the map is saved, and you exit the editor, you can no longer edit underneath that bridge. That's the only opportunity you have. However, you should be able to get units to walk underneath the bridge, if I remember correctly (may be wrong on that point but I think I can remember I have managed it in the past). But to do that, it has to be done the first time you edit the map, whenever that is. Also, it depends on what version you used to build it originally. 1.4 is unstable, we all know that, which only really leaves 1.3.1 that is any real use for building these as the traditional trick doesn't work at all in 1.4.1 (small workaround shown in the above article). And because you can't port a map backwards to another version, this map must have been built in 1.3.1 for it to work properly. As I can see from your file there, this map was made on 1.4.1 which may be why it's not working.


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Sorry for late reply. I still haven't managed to come back to that, but there is still time for that.


Yes, Chris, I do know that stuff, though I did notice that you have reworked it. I was just hoping that there may be an article in which these stuff that I need would be explained. :)


Regarding units walking bellow the bridge, not only this is possible, but we cannot prevent units from the bridge to access the ground below the bridge. That is what we can notice even on canyon bridges made by other map makers. In my maps case troops can walk below the bridge, and if there are more bridges one under the other, then you could send your units to any level of this canyon bridge. Damn, I would love if Firefly gave us real canyon bridges. :)


The bridges and the entire map was built with the version 1.4.1. But I feel like you may have misunderstood something. The map works great as it is, and these issues I was talking above are present on any map with high bridges, even on maps made with the version 1.3.1. I don't actually have an issue with bridges right now, but with making rivers crossable with no bridges.


I mean, I don't think that anything is wrong with the method described in the article Bridges Over Canyons fix for 1.4.1.


What can be seen below is the only side effect, but it doesn't make these troops stuck. Only the AI lords won't move their troops from there, but it was a human player, he would just have ordered them to move on, and they would move on. They wouldn't even stop right there.




The above side effect is the reason why I want to make rivers crossable at those same points where the bridges are. But like I said, I may be able to do it. As I have figured, the tool for making river crossable in the default way is bugged, but if that is the case, then we my map could give us the answer how to get a workaround. By bugged, I mean the following: when one tries to make a river crossable at one point, the river becomes crossable everywhere. This way we could make a river crossable at exactly one point.


I remember Vetka used to have this issue when he once made a river crossable everyone instead of at only one spot, and he later on fixed it. And I remember him having this on more than one of his maps. But I also remember him using the version 1.3.1 quite often. :D

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