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  1. Just a small notice to let you guys know that you can contact the devs and keep up with game progress almost instantly via the Firefly Official Discord. A link to which can be found here -?https://discord.gg/rEjr7JF?
  2. Greetings, all! Getting started... Firefly has an official Discord with an ongoing metagame designed to allow all?members of the winning team alpha access to Stronghold: Warlords. To participate, first download and create your account with Discord. You can find a link to that here -?https://discordapp.com/ Next, join the Official Stronghold discord via this invite (this will automatically launch the Discord app for you) -?https://discord.gg/k5452MZ Now, join one of the three teams. To do so, navigate to the #pick-a-side channel and type one of the following: ?horde ?shogun ?dynasty Doing so will assign you to a team and unlock the remainder of the discord. I personally am a member of Horde?and have been active in the metagame. So...how does the metagame work? The Metagame The winning team will be decided by the team with the most accumulated coins by the end of the metagame. It's that simple! So, how does one acquire coins? Numerous ways: - talking - working - robbing - crime Talking - Simply communicate with members of the Discord! Working - This is a command you can type once every 12 hours to earn a random amount of coins (usually around 30). Robbing - You can steal cash?from other players. Be careful, you are fined if caught! Crime - Random chance of being successful. Be careful, you are fined if caught! There are 3 things to remember!?Cash?is money on-hand. Bank?is money in your bank account, this money cannot be robbed. However, you must deposit your cash into the bank by using the deposit command. Networth?is the total of your cash and bank combined. This plays a crucial role in robbing! The higher your networth, the lower your chance of successfully robbing a target. Be sure your target has a higher networth than you to increase the chance of success! The Journey Alongside the methods of money-making I have listed, there is the journey. This is similar to the adventures roleplay we once held in Stronghold Nation. Each team has their own adventure. Everyone begins in the same place, but must vote on what they do next! Different votes will lead to different paths. Why is this important? Well, along the journey, you will encounter Warlords. Please these Warlords, and they will grant your team extra coins, thus increasing your chance of winning the metagame. Final words I suppose now would be a good time to mention I'm a moderator in the Discord. I'm still going to be active here too, so don't worry about that! I'm not advertising for Firefly's sake, I'm simply enjoying the metagame and would like you all to have a chance of winning alpha access too! So come join in and choose your team (pick Horde :P).
  3. Although, that would be a welcomed addition :)
  4. The advertising rule is mostly spam-prevention. We don't want people using the forum as a newsletter for a YouTube channel. In your case, you're welcome to post a link, as it's relevant to the thread at hand, and it is evident the thread was not created for the sole-purpose of advertising your YouTube channel. You can go ahead and post a link if you'd like to :)
  5. Welcome to the forums,?@Krarilotus! As I explained on Discord, I'll run this by Chris and we'll likely put your post in the competition topic for more people to see! Really glad to have you on board. Sounds like an exciting new competition and we're definitely looking forward to seeing what comes from it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact someone on the staff team! Best regards, Tom :)
  6. Spoken to Firefly and they said we can see for ourselves when the game is released. Either way, whether it's illusion-based collision or programmed, I'm happy to see it's addition! Also, I noticed I completely contradicted my point about disliking the Warlord system. Let me reaffirm - I now like it. I think it's really nice and I'm excited to try it out! :P
  7. I don't usually announce a new map being created, but given that I've recently got back into Crusader 2, I've noticed one massive gripe... SIEGES FOR FREE BUILD SPAWN IN THE MOST RIDICULOUS SPOTS EVER AND RUIN THE FUN! Therefore, I am making a free build map with sensible siege spawns, to allow you to defend sensibly against a realistic enemy attack! Keep your eyes peeled! :P
  8. Unit collision does exist in Warlords! :) As for you not seeing fire, that must be your graphical settings cause I've never had that problem to be fair!
  9. I was just about to point out that in the campaign, units do change colour at several points. However, quickly realised that it's also a matter of just giving those units the ID of another colour, which would make far more sense. So yes, I'd have to agree with Chris here. The colours must be stored in the game files, not mission/map files. @ImTheFrostbite, I don't think there's been any major progress. If there is any major breakthrough though, you can be certain that Chris will make it into an article on the site for everyone to find! :)
  10. It does look very smooth, which I'm happy to see. I like that they're adding a new element to it with the updated estates. The transitioning from outside to exterior when zooming in on buildings looks very nice too. Walls look pretty ugly though in my opinion. They look too polished on the walking area. Nice to hear they'll be updating the new mechanic with new warlords after release. However, that'll likely be a paid addition. I know it's only alpha footage, but the characters look like they're 4 polygons lol. They say the UI isn't the final version, but realistically, what else are they gonna add? A background picture? As for units, the info tab when selecting a unit is neat, but an option to disable it would be nice as it does take up a lot of the screen. In fact, the UI in general takes up a lot of the screen. Hopefully a higher resolution monitor will fix that. I have to say though, the warlord mechanic is really nice. It's so simple but so intricate when you're battling others for crucial boosts. Apart from that though, it's very obvious it's the same engine. It does look slightly like a reskinned SHC2, which is a shame.
  11. Hi, @Spy. I've updated your most recent post to contain the link to your wiki article. To clarify, the advertising rule is in place to prevent people gaining monetary gain from advertising on the site, or to prevent spam and irrelevant content being posted. As your wiki article is beneficial to the greater community and there is no monetary gain to be made from it, it does not fall under advertising. In future, for similar things, just post the link. Making users go through the effort of decoding a Base64 code is a lot of effort and is far more concerning than a readable link :P Nice job on the article though! - Tom
  12. Like EaglePrince said, an absolutely fantastic guide. If you?d like to create this, along with some pictures maybe into a separate thread, I?d love to article it for others to find more easily. Your name will remain in the author name of course! :)
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