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  2. ''THE MONSTER OF VORONNEZH'' In the old Soviet Union Town of Voronezh, a Group of School children (and some Public Officials), claimed that a Craft not only landed, but that ''Alien Life'' made contact. On September 27, 1989, a group of School children were at a Park (playing) - when they beheld a Reddish Ball descend out of the skies and land near them. As soon as the Craft landed , a large, humanoid Being with ''3 Eyes'' exited. ''It'' was wearing a kind of Silver, one-piece outfit (similar to coveralls) . The Alien pointed a tube-like device at a 16-year old Boy (who was immediately frozen). He was taken by the Being into the Craft. Running for their lives, the Children told their Teachers who reported the Contact to local Police. Several Officers testified that they too had seen a strange light in the sky earlier (but did not see the Alien or so-called abduction . Subsequent investigations determined that while the ground in front of the Craft was scorched, it was not consistent with anything unusual (appearing to be burnt grass). Although radiation in the area was high , it was determined not unusual . No local parents had reported a missing child. The Incident was put up as a hoax by the Children. American News Reporters and UFO Investigators were initially given full permission to tour and examine the site. The offer was quickly rescinded by The Soviet Government spreading theories of a possible ''cover-up''.
  3. ‘’FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH’’ Hammer Films 1967 ‘’Five Million Years To Earth’’ (originally billed in England as ‘’Quatermass and The Pit’’), is a rather well made and fun, Sci-Fi/Horror Flick, sadly overlooked by many. Although obviously dated, the storyline is still relevant and – will all the other ‘’Reboots’’ we are constantly subjected to, this One should be as well. The Film was based on the popular 1950s and early 1960s British Radio and Television Show ‘’The Quatermass Experiment’’, where a sharp older Scientist/Historian/Folklorist (Alan Quatermass) solved ‘’X-Files’’-like cases (several, like this One which would be made into moderate budgeted films by Hammer Studios). In color, ‘’Five Million’’ had a clever plot and good ‘’tension building’’ along the way. Dealing with an on-going excavation project to expand The London Underground (Subway) System, Workers uncover a large cylindrical device, originally thought to be a surviving piece of unexploded World War II Germany weaponry. Quatermass and His Team are called in to investigate. They learn that the device is in reality an Alien Space Ship, that crashed millions of years in the past. They eventually open the craft to discovered a collection of long dead, grasshopper-like Entities and associated Alien Technology. They also find evidence of Human remains (also millions of years old). But these fossils are odd. Skulls of the primitive Humans show signs of advanced (forced) evolution of the brain, as if to make the ’’simple creatures’’ much smarter. The Plot also includes the general region underground, known for centuries as ‘’Hob’s End’’. Hob (short for Hobgoblin and akin to The Devil) – has for many generations been a hotspot of paranormal phenomenon. Quatermass attempts to use the Alien technology to learn more about the craft’s occupants. Nearly killing Himself in the process, He learns that the craft and it’s occupants were from The Planet Mars. This Group escaped a harsh Civil War on that Planet and escaped to a prehistoric Earth. They experimented on the primitive Humans, hoping to improve Their intellect for the purpose of using Them as slaves. SOMETHING (unspecified) happened and the creatures were attacked by the proto-humans, eventually dying inside their crash damaged spacecraft. But, as these Martian Grasshoppers have superiors powers of telepathy, they kept Their ‘’essence’’ alive all these Eons. Now freed from Their craft, the combined mindpower of The Beings merge into a giant, ghostly personification of The Grasshopper Beings, beginning to take over human minds and wreck havoc in The City of London. Quartermass and His Team use an old folk myth remedy to vanquish The Alien Mind Monster finally and save London. As stated, ‘’Five Million Years To Earth’’ is a fun watch and should be enjoyed as a classic bit of English Sci-Fi/Horror from the late 1960s.
  4. ''THE HOPKINSVILLE GOBLINS'' Regardless if these ''Goblins'' were Extraterrestrial, Supernatural or a simple Hoax something unusual happened to The Taylor and Sutton Families at their Farmhouse in Hopkinsville, Kentucky on August 21, 1955. The Families lived in a Farmhouse without electricity or running water. Lighting was accomplished with lanterns and candles and water was retrieved from an outside Water Pump. On the night in question, one of the younger Sutton boys went outside to get the night's water supply. He ran back inside stating that a ''strange creature'' had come out of the woods near him and began to approach him. Described as 3-feet tall with long pointed ears and yellow eyes they were also said to have a reptilian appearance . The older members of The Family grabbed their guns and went out to investigate. Going outside, the men said they saw 10 to 15 of these creatures approaching The Farmhouse. They appeared to float (with others seeming to drift back and forth, as if wading through water). Terrified, the men ran back inside and secured all their doors and windows. The Beings never attempted to gain entry but they could be heard walking and jumping on the roof and banging the walls from the outside. The Beings seemed to try and scare the terrified occupants by popping up in different windows (showing their frightening faces to those inside). The men of the Family grew tired of this harassing and got their guns again. This time they went outside and fired into several of the Beings. They said that they could hear their bullet strikes hitting something metallic . The shots did nothing to the creatures but they did retreat back into the woods. Turning to their Farmhouse roof, they fired at another group of Beings. These did not fall to the ground but appeared to float . Fearing that the Goblins would eventually gain entry into the house (and their Families safety) the Families made their way to their vehicle and made a run to Town. Unknown to the Families, local Police had had several strange reports as well. Several Officers even stated that they had seen strange glowing lights and the sound of rocket engines over the local Highway. Telling their story to local Authorities, the Police investigated the Farmhouse and woods. Nothing was found save one item. Large splotches of greenish fluid (assumed to be Goblin blood), was found near where the men had said they first fired upon the Beings. After the Police left, around 2:15 A.M. A Family member again said that a Goblin face appeared in a bedroom window. He got his gun and fired directly through the glass. The Being disappeared and not further incidents occurred that morning -or ever. The Case made it to Project: Blue Book (who deemed it a Hoax).........Or Was It?
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  6. ''ASHTAR, THE MAN FROM PLANET VENUS'' According to the late American George Van Tassel, ''Ashtar'' was (or is), a reputed Extraterrestrial Life Form from The Planet Venus. Van Tassel, who worked for several American Aircraft Manufacturing Companies during World War II, was also a ''skilled'' Miner and Prospector. Van Tassel claimed in 1952 - that He was contacted via Telepathy by ''Ashtar'' and given information of ways to ''better The Human Condition''. The results of these revelations led to the ''creation'' of a machine Van Tassel called ''The Integration''. This device, located near Joshua Tree, California – is in reality a dome-like structure which is said to use ''crystal harmonics'' (sound generated via certain types of Quartz Minerals to produce ''sound energies''). Persons who ''expose themselves'' by standing in the interior of The Integration (when it is ''activated''), will supposedly have their ''life energies'' so enhanced, that they will be likewise contacted by ''Alien Life''. The device is also said to ''heal injured'' cells inside The Human Body. In reality, The Integration is closer to a near ''perfect'' sound acoustics stage which is often used in the reproduction of music. To date, the exact methods of construction and engineering cannot be reproduced.
  7. ''VEGGIEMAN'' A rather obscure Alien Encounter comes from 1968 and West Virginia (US). West Virginia is a well known ''spot'' for supposed Alien Encounters and strange Cryptids. In the woods surrounding the far flung Town of Fairmont, A Hunter had an unusual ''contact'' with an Alien Entity – known known as ''Veggieman''. According to The Hunters Testimony, He was out in the woods when He heard what He identified as a ''humming noise''. The Hunter claimed to not have seen any unusual lights or transportation devices. Moving towards the noise, The Hunter encountered a ''7-foot tall, Humanoid-type Being''. Best described as a ''giant walking Celery stalk'', The Creature had ''shining yellow eyes'' and was speaking in a ''high-pitched, gibbery tone''. Upon ''seeing The Hunter'', The Creature stopped it's ''high pitch'' sound. The Hunter stated He began to ''hear a voice in His Head''. The voice was ''low and not threatening''. The Being (of whom The Hunter felt was communicating with Him telepathically), said He ''Meant No Harm'' and was ''injured''. The Hunter stated that He would help. The Creature again told The Hunter ''Not To Fear'', and reached forward with wait appeared to be it's ''hand''. The Hunter ''felt several pricks on His skin''. Within minutes, The Being let go. The Hunter noted that He had two small pricks on His arm, with a very small amount of blood still draining. The Creature began to ''glow slightly'' and ''acted as if whatever had happened, had helped''. The Creature turned and moved very rapidly back into the woods and out of sight. The awe struck Hunter stated He heard the familiar ''humming noise'' again. Then, it stopped. Since this ''encounter'' in 1968, there have been no further reports of ''Veggieman''.
  8. ''THE MYTH OF THE STAR PEOPLE'' The term ''Star People'' is one attached to several mid-Western Native American Tribes. According to many of these Legends, ''They'' were the first to ''live'' on The Earth before Mankind. The ''Star People'' were said to have come from ''The Stars'' (hence their name). These Beings left, thousands of years before the evolution of Man. But – according to Legend, The ''Star People'' would return to ''govern and oversee'' Human'' advancement. In some examples of petroglyphs from The Mississippi River Region (5,000 BC). The Star People are portrayed as ''strange'' figures with ''large, elongated heads'' and ''slender bodies''. They are also shown ''coming to Earth'' in strange ''Balls of Light''. The Star People were also said to ''take'' Medicine Men into their ''Balls of Light'' to ''educate them''. The study of The Legends of The Star People were investigated by famed UFO Scientist J. Allen Hynek in the 1960s. Ancient Native American ''Deities'' or perhaps ''Visitors'' from ''Another World''?
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  10. ‘’FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN’’ Perhaps one of Hammer Film Studios oddest entries into it’s ‘’Frankenstein’’ Franchise – 1967s ‘’Frankenstein Created Woman’’ departed from the typical Mad Doctor sewing together and reanimating a Monster. In fact, THIS Frankenstein is working on a means of ‘’Soul Transference’’. Believing it's possible to trap and transfer the Soul of a recently departed Person into another Body (dead of course), Frankenstein manages to move the Soul of a female crime victim into the body of a beautiful and commanding other girl (who likewise met Her end). What transpires is the first murdered Soul enacting gruesome revenge against her former attackers – and all those who either covered up the crime or were compliant to it. As stated, a bit unexpected and odd for a traditional Hammer Frankenstein Film, The Studio was attempting to move into a different direction (which somewhat failed). More of a ‘’thinking Horror Film’’, it’s not bad – but not what a true Frankenstein Monster Fan is looking for.
  11. ‘’IT’S OVER…WISE GUY!...THE MYTH OF THE CONCRETE SHOES’’ We’ve all seen the practice for it has been featured in MANY Gangster Noir Books and Films since the 1930s. A ‘’Wise Guy’’, Informant or out and out ‘’Rat’’ against The Mob meets His end by being placed in Concrete Shoes (or Galoshes, if you will). His feet firmly joined to the dried rock, The Victim is taken (by boat), to some river or lake (even The Ocean, if you were a ‘’Soprano’’ Fan). Dumped overboard, the weight would quickly drag down the hapless to the bottom – were He would obviously drown. Later (if there was a later), when found – nothing would be left but a skeleton (or at least skeletonized legs/stumps – even fishes need feeding!) Unfortunately, this nasty bit of torture and torment was nothing more that Writer’s fantasy – especially withing The Gangster Noir of the 1940s thru 1950s. To date, no One Victim ‘’executed’’ in such a way had EVER been found. In truth, such a practice would have been ‘’dramatic’’ but way to time consuming for your ‘’average Mobster’’. As we have seen in Film, The Victim has His feet (up to the shin), dipped into wooden boxes or metal buckets. Copious amounts of wet cement are poured into the containers. Tied up and forced to wait until dried, the Victim is now naturally weighted to an extra 10-pounds. Still restrained, Our ‘’Rat’’ is taken by boat to some river or lake and thrown overboard to His (very quick) drowning. Naturally, when natural decomposition sets in (eg ‘’bloating’’ – or the release of natural bodily gases), the corpse wont float (and be discovered). Sea life will do the rest………But as stated, this ‘’Mob Literature Fantasy’’ was perhaps based on several REAL discoveries, which may have influenced ‘’Cement Shoes’’. In the 1950s thru 1970s – some ‘’East Coast’’ Gangs took previously murdered Victims and encased Their remains (totally) – in cement. Dumped, they were supposed to remain hidden forever. By means of proof, several sets of Human remains have been recently found in Lake Meade (US, Nevada), due to severe drought causing the Lake to dwindle in volume. These ‘’entombed’’ corpses, while never to be identified – were dated to the 1950s and 1960s. So doubtless of the ‘’dramatic effect’’ of the psychological horror we see in our favorite Gangster Movie, ‘’Cement Shoes’’ are just that…….Fantasy.
  12. ‘’THE T-REX OF TEXAS’’ Texas. The ‘’Big T’’ – where EVERYTHING is bigger. The American State of Texas is known for many things. It’s unique food, fascinating History and of course ‘’Tall Tales’’. But starting in 2012 around the small Town of Hebbronville, reports – and even photographic evidence began to surface. This ‘’evidence’’ is straight from a Movie Script familiar to all of us – namely ‘’Jurassic Park’’. You see, most Folks there swear that the long extinct prehistoric species of Tyrannosaurus Rex is still very much alive (or something very close to it). Many skeptics naturally decry the fact that the photo IS photoshopped – despite many Experts unclear as to just ‘’how’’ it was done. Perhaps a ‘’moving prop’’? Other are quick to latch on to the fact that The ‘’Texas T-Rex’’ (there are several apparently), are the real life Secret Government experiment that the fictional ‘’Jurassic Park’’ Films were based on (again according to Modern Urban Legends). Perhaps several escapee’s are in fact loose in Texas. It should be noted that Hebbronville is well known as a hotspot in Texas for not only UFO sightings, but unexplained paranormal phenomenon and other Cryptid sightings (and has been for years). Fake or Not?
  13. I think it's worth noting, that Steams Proton (their version of wine) work right out the box with most MS Win-games, including Stronghold. You don't have to do anything special, except let your steam-account know you will be using Proton. You do so by going to Steams settings and choose "Steam play".
  14. ‘’MUHEN’’ According to Philippine Mythology, ‘’Muhen’’ is another example of Animals (or Nature) that assume roles in the personification of Fate and Foreboding. Seen as a form of Pagan Deity, Muhen ‘’appears’’ as a Bird (normally smoke or mist that assumes such a shape). Conversely, if One were to see The Muhen, as well as ‘’hear’’ it’s ‘’song’’, One needed to stop whatever plans or actions immediately. Continuing with such, meant impending doom or extremely bad luck.
  15. ‘’THE CHICAGO BAT MONSTER?’’ We’ve all read (especially here, in The Mansion) – of reports of strange Bat-like creatures, seen flying (or crawling) throughout The United States and abroad – for decades. Native American Legends even tell of these Entities hundreds and thousands of years in the past. Conversely, who hasn’t heard of the infamous ‘’Mothman Case’’? Perhaps THIS is what was reported and photographed in October of 2011 OVER The City of Chicago, Illinois. The photograph reputedly shows a large (estimated 30-foot wingspan) Creature gliding and flapping without a care. The Creature was high enough to avoid general attention – save the eagle-eyed Person who witnessed it. Brownish in color scheme, The Creature had what appeared to be claws. The fodder of ‘’Yellow Journalism Rags’’ the Worldwide – most critical of such things state the photo is a predatory raptor (despite the size). Further, some cite some form of flying hoax device. But for Those of us who believe in Cryptozoology – the photograph may very well be what it seems…..A ‘’Bat Monter’’ claiming The City of Chicago as it’s ‘’home’’.
  16. Indeed, it's great that things with Linux are getting better, easier to do, and more user-friendly.🙂
  17. ‘’THE CARTHAGE REPTILIANS’’ Much can be advanced, theory wise - about the following Story. Most either doubt it outright or assign it as a ‘’Tourist Hoax’’ to garner Visitors to come to the moderately sized (population) of Carthage, Missouri. The Town sits near an underground myriad of Ancient caves and Tunnels (some thousands of years in age, others man-made and relatively ‘’modern’’). But since 1993, and increasing it seems well into 2013, MANY reports have come forth of ‘’something’’ living deep within many of these Caverns. Based on the multitude of sightings, these reports state that Humans have come into contact with what has become known as ‘’Reptilians’’. These are described as 6 to 8-foot, bipedal Lizard-like Entities (some even wearing strange clothing). The term ‘’Reptilians’’ is well known to Modern Students of UFOlogy. These are claimed to be an Extraterrestrial Lifeform, by and large ‘’unfriendly’’ to Humankind. Said to be able to ‘’infiltrate’’ Human Society thru disguise, The Internet is full of many videos purporting to show Reptilian Lifeforms at various stages of ‘’losing’’ Their ‘’Human-like’’ visages. To Folklorists, Reptilian-Entities can be traced back thousands of years and in fairly every Cultural Mythos. But in terms of Our Tale, both ideas could apply. Carthage, Missouri shares many miles of deep tunnels and caverns with adjoining American States. Several ‘’installations’’ were created by the US Navy and Army Corps. Of Engineers in the 1970s and 1980s, as a means of mass survival for Nuclear War. To date, some of these caves still contain supplies for nearly 50,000 Citizens. In 1993, a group of Urban Explorers decided to sneak into such a Cave near Carthage. The group noted that while the cave walls were obviously ‘’machine dug’’, much of the interior walls appeared ‘’shiny and polished’’ (which was odd). The deeper The Group went, the stranger it became. They noted, half-way through – the cave floor was covered with strange symbols and writing. Thinking it some form of graffiti, it only further established that They were NOT the first to travel inside. The Group began to detect a strange smell as they proceeded. In the dark, The Group stated that They saw movement up ahead in the dim cave – illuminated from a light source They could not locate. The Group stopped in horror as They were suddenly confronted by the so-called source of the odor. Two Reptilian Beings stood in front of Them. One was a ‘’pale white’’ while the other was red in color. The ‘’Red Reptilian’’ also appeared to be wearing some sort of ‘’gold colored material, to include boots or shoes of some kind’’. And while neither creature made any overt or menacing movements, The Group ‘’felt’’ that ‘’Red’’ was ‘’sinister’’. They Group turned to run back. As They did, some saw ‘’Red’’ is a half-hearted attempt at foot pursuit. However, when The Entity reached the point in the Cave where the symbols were inscribed, He stopped immediately and would ‘’not cross over it’’. Terrified The group exited The Cave and called Carthage Police for help. Oddly The Police stated that ‘’They could NOT help them’’ and that They ‘’should call Security’’ at The Site. The telephone line went dead for a minute, when it suddenly came to life – with a voice that stated TE Group should ‘’wait exactly where They were’’. Within minutes, several Vehicles approached. (4) Men, dressed in all black with no patches or identification exited and told The Group, that ‘’They were trespassing on Government Property and could be arrested’’. Despite the tale told, The Men simply told The Group to immediately leave (which They did without question). Since this first 1993 ‘’encounter’’, The Cave has been sealed with concrete (which features a locked steel door for good measure as well). But other hikers and the curious have reported since ‘’seeing’’ strange ‘’Reptilian Beings’’ wandering through the woods, crossing secluded roads, etc. Alien Invaders? Some strange Government experiment gone wrong? Or as stated, just another Urban Legend based on rumor and hoax?
  18. Yes of course, dual booting between Windows and Linux is also an option. This would probably feel safer for most people, as you still have your Windows in case you are unhappy with Linux. The whole Linux ecosystem is very different from Windows. For instance, drivers and such is something you should not go looking for yourself. Most drivers are already in the Linux kernel, so they will be present and working without you doing anything. The big exception here would be the Nvidia graphics driver. If you use Intel or AMD, they have excellent open source drivers included in the Linux kernel. But for Nvidia you need their proprietary driver, most Linux distributions already package it so it can be easily installed from the package manager. Still, I'm not going to try and pretend like Linux is the OS for everyone. Even though you have distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint that are super easy to use, it would still be a big adjustment coming from Windows. And just about everything is made specifically for Windows. If you want to run WIndows software on Linux, you need to run it via Wine, and hope that it works. In my case, the only Windows specific software I try to run is games, and just about every game I have tried runs well with Wine. Ten years ago it was a lot more hassle, but these days Wine seem to be able to handle almost everything.
  19. That's great to hear about Linux and Stronghold games. Even though I expect one could also have Windows OS on another partition, and have all possible games installed there too. I mean, that might be a solution for somebody not as enthusiastic as you are, though many laptops come with only 256GB SSD's... So what you're telling is definitely something necessary. I remember myself being enthusiastic about Windows Phone and Windows mobile. That was a great time, until Microsoft have up on it. Everything is much easier to do with the OS that had the monopoly. Buuut, that could only boost you even more in doing what you want the way you want.[emoji1] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  20. Welcome@Daerandin to the community! It's good to have you here! Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  21. Welcome Young Lord....... We are certainly glad to have you as a Member of The Site. I've read some of your Postings, and please - visit as much as you wish. I am sure our Webmaster will be interested in your background, to be sure. I am The Site's ''Resident Historian'' (History Section) as well as ''Chief Magician'' in ''Merlin's Mansion''. NOT a ''Techy'', I do like (and still play) the older Stronghold Games more. Check out Our downloadable Maps on The Main Page. These have been made by Site Members and can be quite fun to play.........................
  22. Hello everyone. I have already posted a couple of topics here and decided that I should perhaps provide a proper introduction. I don't participate much in online communities so it is unlikely anyone know me from somewhere else. I have been a fan of the Stronghold series since the very first release, and kept playing new games up until Stronghold 3. I was quite disappointed with SH3 to be honest, for multiple reasons. My biggest gripe with it is the fact that they supposedly have an official Linux version on Steam, but the Linux version was abandoned long ago and have not received updates. Last time I tried (which was admittedly many years ago), the Linux version of SH3 did not include any DLC or updates. A LOT of content and bugfixes that you get in the Windows version is missing in the Linux version. However, I still love SH2 and Legends and those are the games I keep playing even to this day. As I already mentioned, I'm an enthusiastic Linux user and a member of the Arch Linux Testing Team. I do some hobby programming now and then and have some projects, I also have a website that I hardly ever do anything with. But it was fun to set it up from scratch, I coded it in Python with the Django framework, and set it all up myself using MariaDB database and Apache webserver. I enjoy doing stuff manually on computers, it's pretty much my hobby. I intend to try and be a bit active here now and then.
  23. I just wanted to share my experience with running these games on Linux just in case someone might be curious. I have not tried all Stronghold games on Linux, but I quite a lot of them. So first off, I will just list those that I can confirm will run on Linux based on my own experience: Stronghold Stronghold Crusader Stronghold 2 Stronghold Legends Stronghold 3 Stronghold Crusader 2 I have not had any issues running any of these on Linux. Personally, I only rely on the command line for Linux, so I create my own little launcher scripts for each game, and then have them in my PATH so I can launch them directly. I just use regular Wine for running games in most cases. For those who are not comfortable with the command line, there are other graphical tools available to make it easier to use Wine to play games. One such project is called PlayOnLinux, and I have used it myself many years ago. There is also a newer project called Lutris, but I have never tried it. If you have the games on Steam, then it is highly likely that you can run the games directly from Steam as long as you go to Settings, and then Steam Play settings, and ensure you enable Steam Play for all titles. You generally want to use the newest version of Proton that is available. However, on my wife's computer she could not launch Stronghold Legends with Steam Play, so she just used regular Wine set up manually. It is my hope that this could help someone take a chance with Linux if they are curious. I am able to run every game I want to Linux when I'm using either Wine or Steam's Proton. And if anyone is having issues or questions about Linux then I'd be more than happy to try and help.
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  25. ‘’LOVE LETTERS’’ An intriguing Tale, which for if nothing else has so many layers – as to make any real proof of paranormal activity hard to pin down, One such piece of Art is known as ‘’Love Letters’’. The portrait is of a young and vibrant little girl, holding flowers in one hand and a letter (or paper) in the other. A rather impish look is present on Her otherwise ‘’normal’’ little face. Found on display in The Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas (US) – the structure dates to 1886. According to one version of the Haunting Tale surrounding the painting, the Little Girls was playing upstairs with a ball that began to roll down the stairway. Trying to catch it, She tripped and fell to her death. To commemorate the beauty of The Lass, the painting was commissioned. When viewed however, some state that the Girl’s ‘’expression’’ changes with every glance. From pensive to downright ‘’angry’’. Further, feeling of dizziness, nausea and other maladies associated with a person ‘’falling’’ are also experienced. Sadly, in truth – the paint is NOT of the Little Girl at all or even 100 years old. It is a reproduction painted in 1990 from an ‘’original source’’. As such, yet another Myth grew from ‘’Love Letters’’. This version states that the Little Girl (from the original painting), hold a letter from Her beloved Father. He in turn was killed in The American Civil War. The Little Girl was said to have died of ‘’loss’’. Hence, the physical manifestations of purported ‘’feelings’’ are related to this sad event. Still more Persons assign a flat out hoaxed and contrived story theory, as a means of attracting Tourists. Perhaps so. But maybe YOU, Dear Reader – should stare unblinking at the provided photograph of ‘’Love Letters’’ and SEE WHAT HAPPENS……….
  26. Good Song Choice Eagle!....... Sadly, This ''War'' has all the potential for spilling out of control. I too hope it ends soon. Glad you liked ''The Ghost'' Story...........
  27. ^ Reminds me of the song Camouflage! I think we mentioned the song earlier here, but here it goes again! I just love the story. Something one simply wishes it's true! Politics aside, they are indeed fighting back valiantly over there. (Such a contrast to fall of Afghanistan!) I hope the conflict ends soon so that the people suffer no more. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  28. ‘’THE LEGEND OF THE GHOST OF KYIV’’ Every War and Conflict has it’s ‘’Ghost Stories’’ and Legends. No doubt the ‘’rational mind’’ will see this Offering as part Urban Legend and part propaganda. But as we have seen in past Tales, most Legends have a kernel of truth. Currently, a terrible War rages between Ukraine and Russia. Thousands on both sides have perished as a result. But very early in The War, February of 2022 to be exact – a Legend started. The Ukrainian Air Force had many former Soviet (Russian) Fighter Jets in their inventory. One such Model – The MIG-29 is an effective and deadly Fighter in the hands of a skilled Pilot. One such Ukrainian MIG-29 incredibly shot down no less that (6) ‘’superior’’ Russian Fighters in the Air War over The City of Kyiv. The Ukrainian Pilot fought valiantly before He was finally shot down by Russian Forces. The event was reported and made International News, highlighting the raw resolve of The Ukrainians. But for several weeks afterwards, ANOTHER story began to be told – one that is very much downplayed by The Ukrainian Government. This tale states that a ‘’ghostly MIG-20 Fighter’’, still flies the skies of Ukraine. It’s ‘’Spirit’’ Pilot not only still ‘’shoots down’’ enemy Jets, but ‘’He’’ provides ‘’ground support’’ to Infantry Units in a ‘’bad way’’. The phenomenon was given the (joking) name ‘’The Ghost of Kyiv’’. Most, as stated – easily stat that The Ghost is a propaganda and morale tool – although The Ukrainian Government differs. Perhaps it is just that….But Perhaps Again………
  29. ‘’MONSTER RATS….MYTH OR FACT’’ Rodents are a very common ‘’associate’’ of Humankind. The species have been ‘’around’’ as long a People have. They became more of a common feature of Urban Life, when masses of Humans began to co-habitat together in large Communities. Rodents commonly thrived on the waste of Humankind, easily surviving un the many sewers and related structures which developed underneath large Cities. But while most of us ‘’see’’ Rodents as 4 to 8-inches in length (eg ‘’Sewer Rats’’), some have put forth the idea of much larger (and aggressive) Rats in existence. As evidenced by many Soldiers who fought in the Trenches of World War I, such ‘’Monster Rats’’ were readily reported by all Combatants. Claims of Rats being ‘’several feet long’’, made so by the seemingly inexhaustible supply of unburied corpses – became so common place, They were seen as ‘’everyday’’ life. Many City Workers in most Countries have, since the 19th Century, claimed to have encountered ‘’Monster Rats’’ while working in the underground below Cities. So too, did Their reports of Rodents as ‘’large’’ as 4-feet begin to surface. Some have even produced skeletal remains. The frightening prospects of such Beasts living below the surface, and quite capable of consuming a Family Pet or even Baby – is an actual concern to some. Could They exist in such large sizes? Science states that it is quite probable. The massive amounts of waste, especially adulterated food stuffs, medical and likewise may – over the many years ‘’crafted’’ a genetically modified species of Rodent. These large mammals would thus produce large litters. The basic idea One must advance is, what happens when Their food sources run out? Will ‘’Monster Rats’’ turn to predators and start to Hunt Us? Ponder The Thought………
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