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  2. @ JustAVillager , You've been warned about your conduct on this forum a number of times now, all for varying reasons. You've also been explicitly told on more than one occasion to put more thought into your posts & not to post meaningless content. You've also been warned that if you do not start following the forum rules and putting effort into your threads then they will be closed. Let me be clear: Nobody has the absolute right of reply on this forum. All staff are volunteers, including myself. We choose to answer questions based on our time available, our knowledge and genuine desire to help people. The fact you're demanding a reply from me within 3 hours of posting the topic is not only unreasonable but also entirely unacceptable to expect that from any member. The attitude you're repeatedly demonstrating is one of severe entitlement, impatience and spammy in nature. You're not respecting the forum rules, which you've also been pointed to on many occasions, and you appear to have no respect for anyone or anything on the community other than yourself. Based on these breaches I'm banning you from posting any content on the community for 7 days. Once this time has expired, all content by you must be approved by a Moderator for a further month to ensure you're following the forum rules. We will use additional moderation tools and permanently ban your account if this becomes necessary. I am closing the thread.
  3. ''ZEBOLA'' A Folk Magic Ritual, a ''Zebola'' is commonly found enacted by several Congo (African) Tribes. It involves a ''frantic, trance-like'' dance used to ''appease'' Demons which are believed to possess only women of a Tribe. Often wearing a form of ritualistic ''costume'', The Zebola – if performed properly, will allow the ''Possessed Spirit'' to leave a body ''in peace and happiness''.
  4. ''PIMENT'' ''Piment'' is a ''Spirit Drink'', found in Haitian Folk Magic Rituals. It can be made from a wide variety of sources by a Houngan (Priest/Priestess). It is normally composed of as many as 20 spiced Hot Peppers, mixed with unrefined Sugar Rum. The fluid is then given during Rituals to persons believed possessed by Demons or Spirits (Good or Bad). The very caustic drink (which would make a normal person both gag and burn), once ingested – will have no effect on a Possessed Person (which is used to determine such).
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  6. ''INSUFFLATION'' A term found in early Christianity, ''Insufflation'' meant the Act of ''blowing, hissing or puffing'' air onto a covert or newly confirmed Christian. Done by a Priest or other Religious Official, Insufflation was used in ''impart The Holy Spirit'' onto a new Christian. It was also an early form (tool), used by Exorcists (before the codification of an official Ritual), to ''scare off'' an ''Evil spirit''. The use of Insufflation was also practices by numerous other Religious Beliefs, the same manner.
  7. ''THE GHOSTLY LEADER OF A REVOLUTION...THE STRANGE CASE OF ALICE AUMA'' Alice Auma was an unknown girl of The Acholi Tribe (Southern Sudan, Africa). But for a period of 1 year (1986-1987), Alice was the Leader of an Ugandan Anti-Government Militia which was somewhat successful in it's activities. The cause of Alice's success? A skilled, Tactician? No, Alice was supposedly possessed by the ''Spirit'' of a former Militia Officer. A Christian by conversion, Alice was formerly married. One day in 1985, without reason, Alice stopped talking and exhibited signs of mental instability. Going into a coma, when Alice awoke from her malady – She was the embodiment of The Spirit ''Lakwena'' (the aforementioned Militia Officer). ''He'' began to ''tell'' Alice how to rally a Militia Group to resist the then Ugandan Government – accused of gross human rights violations thru torture and execution of rivals. Quoting The ''Holy Bible'', Alice (in the form of a modern African ''Joan of Arc''), led many successful attacks against Government Forces. However, in 1987, Her ''Army'' was ambushed by heavy Government Forces Artillery – quite literally decimating them. Alice escaped and hid in a Refuge Camp in Kenya. She claimed later that ''Lakwena'' had ''fled Her body'', and never returned. She would die in 2007. A Case of Spiritual Possession?
  9. what is this thing in here and what it does? pls tell
  10. ''PRAYER TO ST. MICHAEL'' The ''Prayer To Saint Michael'' is a Catholic-Christian Prayer first developed in 1884. Attributed to Pope Leo XIII, it was considered a ''Lay'' (Common) Prayer related to Exorcism and protection against Satan. It was part of The ''Low Mass'' celebration from 1886 until 1964. First included in The ''Roman Rite of Exorcism'' in 1898, it is considered a powerful rebuke against not only The Devil, but His Minions (Demons). Associated with St. Michael, The Archangel – and supposed ''Commander of God's Army'' in Heaven, it was He that combated Satan and His rebellious Angels, in The ''War of Heaven''. As such, He is ''called upon'' to ''refuse'' The Devil from possession of The Faithful (by virtue of His Demons). The 1886 Text is shown below: Blessed Michael, Archangel, Defend us in the hour of conflict. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of The Devil (May God restrain Him, We humbly pray): and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God thrust Satan down to Hell and with him those other wicked spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls.
  11. Monsters & Myths Articles Index Page #128 1. Asclephius 2. Prayer To Saint Michael 3. ''A Ghostly Leader of A Revolution?...The Stramge Case of Alice Auma'' 4. Insufflation 5. Piment 6. Zebola
  12. ''ASCLEPIUS'' The Ancient Greek God of Medicine – ''Asclepius'' was one of (5) such Gods that promoted Health, Cleanliness, Hygiene, Healing and Remedy. Portrayed in Ancient Art as an ''Older Man'' (denoting ''Wisdom''), He is commonly shown with a Snake entwined Rod (Staff), known ans associated still with World Medicine as ''The Rod of Asclepius''.
  13. ''GULA'' ''Gula'' was an Ancient Mesopotamian Goddess, dating to the 22nd Century BC. She was associated with The Medical Arts (as far as they were advanced in that Era). Often invoked at the birth of a Child (for protection), Gula was also used to cast out Demons possessing a Human. She was portrayed as being the ''Enemy'' of The Chief Mesopotamian Demon ''Lamashtu''.
  14. ''THYRSUS'' A Religious symbolism and device from early Ancient Greece – The ''Thyrsus'' was form of Staff, topped with Berry and Olive Vines. This Staff was borne by The God Dionysus. It was seen as being the root of Grecian Culture's perception of ''Health and Prosperity''. Later, Ancient Rulers would adopt a version of The Thyrsus as a type of ''Divine Scepter''. The symbol can be found throughout Ancient Greek Art.
  15. ''SEFER YETZIRAH'' Considered one of the earliest form of written Codex concerning Judaic Kabbalah (Mysticism), The ''Serfer Yetzirah'' may date back as far as the 2nd Century BC. Compiled by many ''Authors'', The Codex contains not only Kabbalic spells, but outlines The Judaic ''Creation Theory'', which differs slightly from The ''Books of Moses'' (known in Western Culture as The ''Old Testament''). The Yetzirah also details ''The Fallen'' (Demons). The Codex is seen as being the foundation for later Christian interpretations of the origins of Lucifer and Demonology.
  16. ''BAU'' A Goddess from 2th Century BC Ancient Mesopotamia – ''Bau'' was a unique ''City Deity''. As was custom with that Culture, various Gods and Goddess were used as specific Patron to various large-scale Cities. Baus was worshiped as a ''Divine Healer'', responsible for the overall ''Health'' of The City of Lagash (Iraq). Plagues and related diseases were attributed to an insincere or poor offering made to The Goddess. Healers routinely invoked Her name with their remedies.
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  18. ''TIKI'' Although most see a ''Tiki'' as a once popular Lawn and Garden Decoration – as well as some Bars and Pubs The Tiki has a much more revered position in South Pacific Culture. Originally trace to The Maori, ''Tiki'' was the physical representation of ''The First Man''. As such, Tiki was so honored as being ''The Father'' of The Maori. Hand carved of a variety of wood, the simplistic carving is usually accompanied by smaller carvings of various Gods and Spirits. The Tiki is very similar to The Native American Totem. Other Island Cultures identify The Tiki as an Icon of many Gods and Protective Spirits. Normally, Tiki's are NOT painted (a ''fashion'' more adopted by 20th Century Western Tourists – who purchased smaller versions as Gifts). Tiki's are also said to be allowed to slowly decompose with age and exposure to the Elements. To ''burn'' or ''cut up'' a Tiki will visit GREAT calamity upon the person who performed this task.
  19. Monsters & Myths Articles Index Page #127 1. Anito 2. Asbeel 3. ''Attack of The Beast Creatures'' (1985) 4. ''Ava's Possessions'' (2015) 5. Barsom 6. Black Cat Bone 7. ''Cathy's Curse'' (1977) 8. Crepundia 9. The Demonic Case of Anna Ecklund 10. ''Destroyoah'' (''Godzilla'' Film Franchise, 1995) 11. Glaucus 12. Gope Board 13. Greek Magical Papyri 14. Hanuman 15. Kupua 16. Rehue 17. The Ring of Gyges 18. Scottish Painted Pebbles 19. St. Expeditus 20. Tchitcherik 21. Tiki 22. Bau 23. Sefer Yetzirah 24. Thyrsus 25. Gula
  20. Monsters & Myths Articles Index Page #126 1. Aitu 2. Anthropomancy 3. Ash Wednesday 4. Bhaironji 5. The City of The Caesars 6. The ''Coats of Skin'' 7. Dusios 8. Elioud 9. Fulu 10. Gualichu 11. Hashmal 12. Hyang 13. Jophiel 14. The Killakee Cat 15. Misbaha 16. Nazi'at and Nashitat 17. ''Of Exorcisms and Certain Supplications'' 18. Oracle Bones 19. Orunmila 20. Shanghyang 21. Sunda Wiwitan 22. Taotao Mona 23. Turbah Karbala 24. Vade Retro Satana 25. Yaktovil
  21. Monsters & Myths Articles Index Page #125 1. Avici 2. Filial Piety 3. The Harrowing of Hell 4. Heibai Wuchang 5. Jewish Magical Papyri 6. Ksitigarbha 7. Meng Po 8. Mu'aqqibat 9. Nar as-Samum 10. Naraka 11. The Ordeal of The Bitter Water 12. Recording Angel 13. St. Defendens 14. St. Florian 15. Taghut 16. Tartaruchi 17. Telesphorus 18. Tir 19. Tongji 20. ''Walk-In'' 21. Yamantaka 22. Youdu
  22. Monsters & Myths Articles Index Page #124 1. ''A Cure for Demons...Ensete'' 2. Armilus 3. Baal Shem 4. Chwal 5. The Dancing Devils of Corpus Christi 6. The Devil and Mette Hardenberg 7. Div 8. ''Drawing Down The Moon'' 9. Gamba 10. ''Holy Laughter'' 11. Inwatso 12. Kirimiri 13. Koalemos 14. ''Lords of Shouting'' 15. Nehushtan 16. Oizys 17. Osculum Infame 18. Pomba Gira 19. The Possession of Antoine Gay 20. Shetani 21. Sut 22. Ufufunyane 23. Waswas 24. ''The World, The Flesh and The Devil''
  23. Monsters & Myths Articles Index Page #123 1. Alomancy 2. Apate 3. Barachiel 4. Cabeiri 5. Chromotherapy 6. Dasim 7. The Garden of The Gods 8. Gha'agsheblah 9. Ghaddar 10. ''Ghidorah'' (''Godzilla'' Film Franchise, 1964) 11. The Investiture of The Gods 12. The Mysteries of Heizhu Valley 13. Naamah 14. Nereids 15. Oracle 16. Palioxis 17. ''Rodan'' (''Godzilla'' Film Franchise, 1956) 18. Selaphiel 19. ''SpaceGodzilla'' (''Godzilla'' Film Franchise, 1994) 20. The Tale of Botan Doro 21. The Terror of Branwell Bridge 22. Unclean Spirit 23. ''Until Death Do Us Part....The Haunted Skagway Hotel'' 24. ''The Very Unpleasant Foret de Loudeac'' 25. ''Witches and Patriots....The Very Haunted Boston Commons''
  24. Monsters & Myths Articles Index Page #122 1. A'arab Zaraq 2. Amy 3. Anachitis 4. The Legend of The Bluetongue Lizard 5. ''Cell'' (2016) 6. Denglong 7. Diable Tonnere 8. Gamaliel 9. Jupiter Tonans 10. ''The Last Man on Earth'' (1964) 11. Melek Taus 12. Metatron 13. Milu 14. Passing Bell 15. Pohutikawa Tree 16. Psionics 17. ''Pulgasari'' (1985) 18. Thagirion 19. The Thule Society 20. Transverberation 21. Tumatauenga 22. Whiro 23. Young Blood Transfusions 24. Zaratan 25. Ziz
  25. Monsters & Myths Article Index Page #121 1. Atua 2. The Black River Monster 3. Chaac 4. Eisheth 5. The Eleusinian Mysteries 6. Gebelezis 7. ''Godzilla Junior'' (''Godzilla'' Film Franchise, 1993) 8. Golachab 9. Heroon 10. Hong 11. Kuka'ilimoku 12. The Legend of The ''Green Lady'' of Wahiawa Park 13. ''Mechani-Kong'' (1966) 14. Mi Go 15. ''Mothra'' (''Godzilla'' Film Franchise, 1961) 16. Ninazu 17. Quirinus 18. Sathariel 19. Sauska 20. Sobo 21. The ''Tears of Ra'' 22. Thanh Hoang 23. The ''Weighing of The Heart'' Ceremony 24. Yopaat 25. Zadkiel
  26. Monsters & Myths Articles Index Page #120 1. Amaterasu 2. The ''Ambulance Demon'' 3. Anulap 4. Chiwen 5. Cocijo 6. Cthylla 7. The ''Devil's Bible'' 8. The ''Devil's Handwriting'' 9. ''The Gates of Hell Are in New Jersey'' 10. Gibil 11. Heyoka 12. Horagalles 13. ''Hurricane Children'' 14. Imperial Cult 15. Ipilja Ipilja 16. Israfil 17. Ithaqua 18. Jabberwock 19. Kanaloa 20. The Legend of ''Old Green Eyes'' 21. Loucetios 22. Mamaragan 23. ''Meet Mr. Johannes Cuntis....Vampire'' 24. Nongshaba 25. The ''Three Corpses''
  27. Monsters & Myths Articles Index Page #119 1. Ananiel 2. The Central American Whintosser 3. Cthulhu 4. Dushara 5. Elder Things 6. Elysium 7. Faith Healing 8. The ''Flying Batmen'' of Okinawa 9. Gabriel 10. ''Gorosaurus'' (''King Kong'' & ''Godzilla'' Film Franchises, 1967) 11. Hyampom Hog Bear 12. Hypnos 13. ''Jirass'' (Television, 1966) 14. The Lake Dillon Monster 15. Leprocaun 16. ''Morlock'' (''The Time Machine'', 1960) 17. Moroni 18. Night Gaunt 19. Snoligoster 20. Snow Wasset 21. Toteroad Shagamaw 22. Wapaloosie 23. Whirling Whimpas 24. The ''Winged Sun'' 25. Yam
  28. Monster & Myths Articles Index Page #118 1. Al Mi'raj 2. ''Anguirus'' (''Godzilla'' Film Franchise, 1955) 3. Biscione 4. Cartomancy 5. ''Count Orlok'' (''Nosferatu'', 1922) 6. Dhampir 7. The ''Flying Spaghetti Monster'' 8. Hudhud 9. Ika Roa 10. Kassogtha 11. ''Minilla'' (''Godzilla'' Film Franchise, 1967) 12. Narasimha 13. The Salmon of Knowledge 14. The Scorpion Man 15. Sachihoko 16. Stymphalian Birds 17. Terpsichore 18. ''Titanosaurus'' (''Godzilla'' Film Franchise, 1975) 19. Tulzcha 20. Turul 21. Varney The Vampire 22. The Venus of Willendorf 23. Wilgefortis 24. Zilant 25. Zoomorphism
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