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  3. Bears are the only other killable animals and they're the mission objective, so they don't respawn.
  4. Does the same thing happen on other animals as well, or is it just with Wolves?
  5. Okay, I've run some tests and it's pretty bizarre. Apparently, removing the wolves stops the respawn. Replacing them is not. However, this is not a simple wolf multiplying (like when they keep popping up near each other). They're popping up from thin air as if they'd respawn on the place they were put during map creation. EDIT: I used the wolf spawn rate trigger and set it off. This made the wolves spawn faster than my archers were killing them. I don't think this is normal. I also try using wolf invasion which while prevents uncontrolled respawns doesn't listen to the "set wolves to defensive" command and after reaching their scripted point, move against my estate, no matter what.
  6. Hi Cortez! Have you tried taking the Wolves out of the map altogether for now and see if it continues? There are spawn rates on the various animals which are placed in Stronghold 2 by default, but I'm not sure what exactly they are offhand. It could also be a bug or by design since this was originally a Firefly created map. WHat might work as well is if you were to delete the Wolves and then re-add only the ones you want which should remove any custom logic added by Firefly.
  7. Bear Necessities is a vastly underutilized map in my opinion. Fairly easy, only 1 mission and a bunch of estates that you don't need. Because of that, I toyed with the idea of tweaking it into a richer peace map (though I think I have to unlock my modded version too). However, the map keeps spamming wolves for some reason and I don't even see a trigger that would be responsible for it. Any idea of the cause? Is it hard coded into it?
  8. Think ill start with FSB thing since that is more of a concern for me than MakeV currently. I want to edit and add audio to existing FSB files of Crusader 2 and Warlords, while the tools provided allow me to extract something like Overlord speeches, i have not found a program that allows me to put in new MP3 files and then Compile/Pack the FSB. The reason i want this is because i am thinking Crusader 2 and Warlords clearly do not want to read audio that isn't packed into an FSB [so just having MP3 files alone isn't enough], so i can't add something like Lord speeches or names without having packed them into an FSB I have noted that listing in the Overlord.Lua appropriate code for a new blank AI makes the game Look for said Quotes in order to play them [so when it wants to play an audio it will say in the corner WO_Anger_1 something something] but it seems as long as the files for said Quotes or such aren't in FSB they won't be read, and i don't know of an alternative way to make the game read maybe specifically MP3 files, so i want to try to compile/pack new MP3 files into an FSB, be it a new FSB or unpack the Lord speech that has all said audio and pack them all together. However FMOD is a paid program for developers, and another program a friend reccomended me does not work.
  9. When I was referring to an outdated V, I was referring to one that you may have used in the past and then continued using it for so than just within the past few weeks. Or perhaps one you have downloaded for instance. I must say I'm slightly confused as your original message was not clear. Are you are to provide a list of files you're trying to make into the .v, or better still - a video demonstrating what it is you're doing? It sounds as though you're doing a mixture of things and if you can explain a bit more clearly I think that will help.
  10. I have come across your post about using MakeV with older versions of the game, but that is not the issue, game hasn't been updated recently [or in the past few weeks i have used the tool] No advertisement updates or such, i can't be using an outdated .V considering that. While as i said above i have a workaround where i just don't try to create a new Zip and convert it, and instead i just put edited files inside of the Zip and having it overwrite the data inside it, its slightly annoying and would be much easier to just Pack up a new archive with edited files and then have game read a converted .V from that, but i am unable to do that and i am unsure whether or not its a WinRar problem. Same with PACKING FSB files, i know how to unpack them using the tool and following instructions, but i am very interested in PACKING new files inside those Audio files for the game to possibly read them, like adding new music or even new AI voicelines [or even replacing them], and unfortunately that tool does not work to pack the audio files.
  11. One thing which may cause the crashing issue is if you are using a .v file from an older version of the game - this is a known issue. SInce a lot of the files are archived inside the .v, every time the game changes, changes are made in here as well. You'll want to make sure you are using the latest version. With the FSB files we do actually have a tool in the downloads section which allows you to convert these. It was made for Stronghold 3 but works on Crusader 2 and Warlords as well: https://www.stronghold-nation.com/downloads/file/629-fsb-audio-extractor/ We also have a tutorial available describing how to use it here: https://www.stronghold-nation.com/article/157-extracting-audio-assets-from-stronghold-3
  12. FSB audio relies heavily on the data structure files (.feb or .bank), which govern the file size directly. I am not sure what free editor there is to edit files without problems. The tool works this way: extract a .v file: .XXX => .v create a .v file: .XXX => .v So you must rename your zipped .v to something else (.zip for example), so that it won't get overwritten. Total Commander is very helpful for editing the package directly.
  13. I have been playing around the idea of modding this game [and Warlords and in future perhaps SH3 to some degree] however i am having issue with MakeV. I convert the assets file, then extract it, make my changes, zip it up, and then run it trough MakeV again, however this results in the game crashing. Ive then figured out that i don't have to replace Assets.v constnatly and that i can have a new .v file that has only things i need. [i list this file in config.xlm and put it above the other .v files so it has a load priority, well i assume at least] however the changes in that new .V do not apply [in this case i have increased troop and building limits to 5k each] However workaround i found is if i keep the zip, extract the files and edit them, so again editing options.lua in scripts to increase limits, then place that file Back in to the Zip and using MakeV, it works and changes apply, plus they work in game [no more 50 buildings on 8 players]. But i obviously shouldn't put files directly into the Zip, so i am wondering why if i extract the files, and then Zip those up, the game wont load them. So i am wondering what is the issue to me just zipping those files, since if i didn't have this problem i wouldn't have to do the Workaround [which while not time consuming it is annoying] Tool i use is Winrar for this. - The FSB packing, i have thought of adding new Audio, be it extra messages or such, however while i can certantly unpack the FSB files game uses, i have no idea what can i use to do so, since tool on the site only extracts the files, and does not pack the back up.
  14. Just confirming I replied to @ Asophix 's PM. I'm moving this thread to Stronghold Legends so it better reflects the theme of the thread. Thanks for reaching out - and welcome to the Nation! 🙂
  15. Thanks! [emoji3] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  16. Thanks @ Crusader1307 , I've contacted him!
  17. Hello and Welcome, Asophix! I would advise you direct all former ''Stronghold Knights'' Questions to Our Webmaster, Lord Chris. He is in the process of procurring all of that Former Sites Content. He will no doubt read your Question and should get back to you shortly............. Welcome again!
  18. Hello all, I have been tinkering lately with the community editor that was developed by Stronghold-Knights members. Needless to say, the site is long defunct. As a hobby project, I have been using the editor so that it can be used to modify Stronghold Legends AI castles. I would like to release the modified files at some point to the community, for which I require written permission. The problem is that there are no contacts in the original files, and HicRic's AOL e-mail address is no longer active. Does someone know how I could contact one of the authors? In case they can't be contacted, under what terms should/may I proceed with the release?
  19. Soooo Jealous......................Very Nice, Eagle!
  20. Hey guys! I've been pretty busy lately, there's tone of work, but I am catching up! Two days ago I decided to finally have a drive to Bač (Hungarians would spell it Bács, Germans Batsch, and in English it's pronounced [ bâːtʃ ]), where I visited the Bač Fortress. That's the best preserved medieval fortress we could see in Vojvodina, the northern province of Serbia, where I live. It was built in 14th century, but sadly, it has been in ruins since Rákóczi's rebellion (when Hungarians against the Habsburgs). Though I have to admit, I don't know of any other fortress in Vojvodina.🙄 I would have to look more into that, and see what other strongholds I could visit. Other than that, there are many other better preserved strongholds in the rest of Serbia! Here are the photos I made there. On one of the photos you can see my car through the ruins.😄 How are you guys doing?
  21. Myths, Legends and Mysteries......01-29-23 ''Walker'' (The Walking Dead Television Series) Celluloid Terrors ''The Mosul Orb'' UFO Case Studies History Thru The Ages......01-30-23 ''German Enzian E1 (Flying Missile)'' Missiles and Rockets in History ''German A34 (Kormoran) MP Missile'' Missiles and Rockets in History History Thru The Ages......01-31-23 ''Winchester Model 1892 44-70 Rifle'' Firearms Thru History ''Remington 10-Gauge Shot Pistol'' Firearms Thru History ''Winchester Model 1892 (Sawed Off) Rifle Firearms Thru History Myths, Legends and Mysteries......02-03-23 ''Magic Circle'' The Occult History Thru The Ages......02-06-23 ''HMS (Centurion)'' Warships of History ''Damarius Page'' General History ''British Bristol (Scout) M1 Fighter Plane'' Military Aircraft of The World ''Xlejli Tower'' Castles & Fortifications Myths, Legends and Mysteries......02-06-23 ''World War Z'' Celluloid Terror Myths, Legends and Mysteries......02-09-23 ''St. Cecilia'' Saints, Religious and Holy Relics ''Molten Gold'' Man's Inhumanity to Man ''History Thru The Ages......02-10-23 ''USS (Indiana)'' Warships of History Myths, Legends and Mysteries......02-11-23 ''The Haunted Flower Child'' Ghosts & Hauntings History Thru The Ages......02-21-23 ''Japanese Kokusai Ki-76 Spotter Plane'' Military Aircraft of The World ''German Focke Wulf Fw-58 Multi-Purpose Plane'' Military Aircraft of The World ''British Farley (Battle) Light Bomber'' Military Aircraft of The World ''German Gotha G0-242 Glider'' Military Aircraft of The World ''US F4F (Wildcat) Fighter Plane'' Military Aircraft of The World History Thru The Ages......02-27-23 ''Soviet (Echo)-Class BM Submarine'' Warships of History ''North Korean (Sinpo)-Class BM Submarine'' Warships of History ''Chinese Type 092 BM Submarine'' Warships of History ''US M102 105mm Light Howitzer'' Artillery Thru The Ages Myths, Legends and Mysteries......02-28-23 ''The Eternal Funeral'' Simply Weird ''Whitecapping'' Man's Inhumanity To Man History Thru THe Ages......03-08-23 ''French (Triompahnt)-Class Submarine'' Warships of History Myths, Legends and Mysteries......03-12-23 ''Cybele'' Ancient Gods ''Perchta'' Ancient Gods ''The Tuscon Artifacts'' Simply Weird Myths, legends and Mysteries......03-13-23 ''Aun The Old'' Legends From Around The World ''Cola Pesce'' Legends From Around The World ''The Golden Rivet'' Legends From Around The World History Thru The Ages......03-18-23 ''Iranian (Saeqeh) Fighter Jet'' Military Aircraft of The World ''German S-18/100 105mm Anti-Tank Rifle'' Artillery Thru The Ages History Thru The Ages......08-19-23 ''Soviet (Zulu)-Class Submarine'' Warships of History ''US (Benjamin Franklin)-Class Submarine'' Warships of History Myths, Legends & Mysteries......08-20-23 ''St. Agnes of Rome'' Saints, Religious and Holy Relics History Thru The Ages......08-21-23 ''Soviet PM 1910 7.62mm Heavy Machine Gun'' Firearms Thru History ''Chinese (Chaing Kai-shek) 7.92mm Rifle'' Firearms Thru History
  22. Well after 2 months of what seemed a never ending stream of ''Copy and Paste'', The ''Myths, Legends and Mysteries'' (aka ''Merlins Mansion'') is now up and running, One need only go to Our Homepage. Now easier to access by Sections (just as in Our ''History Section''), you can start looking forward to MANY more years of wild and fascinating Tales of The Bizare and Unbelievable. ENJOY!
  23. Check Here for the latest Homepage Posted for both ''History Thru The Ages'' and ''Myths. Legends and Mysteries''
  24. Welcome to the forums! 😃 You should probably enable debug mode in Warlords - this is something you should always have enabled if you're playing around with the game files because it will alert you to any programming problems. It is possible that when you've changed the values, it could be causing some kind of mathematical programming error but because the game is handling it and error reporting is off, you don't know about it. To do this, locate the config.xml file in the bin/win32_release folder, and replace 0 with 1 on the following lines: <errordialog enabled=0 /> <!-- Enable/disable pop-up error/warning dialog. --> <onscreenprint enabled=0 /> <!-- Enable/disable drawing Vision::Message.Add() messages --> When you restart the game you should be notified if anything fails. If all you've changed is a certain value, it sounds as if it's reaching an upper limit the game can't exceed. Either that or the .v file itself is corrupt, which can happen sometimes if the instructions aren't followed carefully. The following guide is for Stronghold 3 but works just the same on Warlords, this is the correct way to do things: https://www.stronghold-nation.com/article/195-unarchiving-stronghold-3-files
  25. Hi, i would like to get help if anyone is willing to help me. I have used Stronghold 3 makev tool to unpack .v file from Warlords and did simple mod to change max unit and building limit in Multiplayer and Singleplayer but when i zip folder and use makev to create .v file back (7zip with compresion or no compresion doesnt matter) game just opens and closes I wanted to mod this only for me and my cousin and i am aware it cannot be used in multiplayer unless we both have this mod. I really hope someone can help me with this simple mod Thank you.
  26. The files change with each version so yes, you can only use the files from the current version of the game. I noticed this before a few years ago both with Crusader 2 and Stronghold 3 (as both use the same engine). Warlords is also the same as well. I'm pleased you managed to fix it, and welcome to the forum! 🙂
  27. Hey I got it to work! I found you need to unarchive/archive the assets.v from the current version of the game. I was unarchiving/archiving an assets.v from an older version it looks like.
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