Bridges Over Canyons fix for 1.4.1

  • Stronghold 2 Map Design
  • 1 min

By Lord_Chris

This tutorial serves as a workaround for users using the Stronghold 2 1.4.1 patch and higher (including the new 1.5 Steam patch), which the bridges over canyons trick does not work on.

Note first of all, that this will only work on the second smallest terrain level and the traditional canyon bridge will not work in the 1.4.1 patch at all. The good news is however, that this trick is much easier to do and does not involve cropping the map at all. As with the original trick, you will only have one chance to edit underneath the bridge.

First of all, place terrain the exact same height on either side of some already existing water.

Next, using the 'Equalise' tool, equalise the land at both sides where you would like the bridge to meet. Make sure that this does not go over the river.

Set the option to place terrain over rivers, and place a block of terrain over the river connecting the two points you have created. Try to do this in a single stroke otherwise it could have unintended consequences later.

Hit the undo button so that the land bridge disappears.

Place the bridge over the river, and the trick is complete!

However, the problem does still remain of sending a lot of troops on the bridge at the same time, as they can stray to one side of the bridge while crossing.