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New to Stronghold Nation- FAQ


What is Stronghold Nation?

Stronghold Nation is a community supported website, which is constantly growing all the time. We offer a chance for people to learn about the different games we focus on, and to give users answers to questions. Each game we cover has a forum of it's own in the general discussion category, and in addition, we also have The Open Castle Inn (off topic) and several other forums, including a Gaming Events forum, full of any upcoming multiplayer games and a Competitions forum, where you can win prizes.

Our forums are primarily, a place to gain support and ask questions, as well as discussion around the games. You'll receive the best help if you provide as much information about your question or problem as possible. We encourage learning about the games and will help you in almost any way possible, however we will not do your project for you.

When asking questions:


  • Provide clear details on your problem
  • Use Standard English
  • Be polite at all times
  • Thank users who help you
  • Search for a similar question before you post. Another user may have already been given the answer.
  • Vote up helpful replies

Do Not:

  • Use abbreviations (I.E. gr 8, pl z, 2 moro)
  • Be rude or abuse towards other members. This is one of the quickest ways to get your topic closed.
  • Spam or advertise your own websites .etc
  • Duplicate Post
  • Ask for help with piracy or other illegal means
  • Post or otherwise try to discuss a topic contrary to the site rules

When answering questions:


  • Provide an in-depth explanation in detail to help the user understand the solution, as well as the actual problem
  • Vote up posts that are helpful
  • Provide a solution other people will find helpful in the future
  • Be polite and professional

Do Not:

  • Enforce the rules. Report this to a moderator using the "report" link at the bottom right of that post, or create a new thread explaining the issue in The Castle Courthouse for a moderator to deal with.
  • Tell someone to "Google it". That's how they arrived here.
  • Be rude, abusive or post in that thread purely for means of criticising the original poster. Every question is valid, and deserves equal help.
  • Use the reputation system for retribution, or to indicate disagreement
  • Necro Post
  • Edit your post and remove all the content. This is the quickest possible way to lose any editing abilities.
  • Double post within several hours without a good reason. An example of a bad reason would be "someone please help me?" or "I've edited my post" whereas a good reason might be "I've since tried doing X, Y and Z but only Z appears to work. Any ideas why?"

You can earn reputation from other users for your posts made. Reputation should only be given to users when you find a post helpful or you like a post. Reputation should only be taken when an answer is blatantly incorrect or a user is abusive.

Editing Posts
To prevent editing abuse, users have an editing slot of up to 7 days after a post has been made. If you need to edit a post after this time, feel free to personal message a member with Moderator permissions in the forum your post is in, who will be able to assist you.

User Groups

New Members (less than 5 posts)


  • Post replies and create new topics
  • Give 10 negative and 20 positive reputation votes a day
  • Upload files
  • Post replies to files
  • View user profiles


  • Post links
  • Use private messaging
  • Delete posts
  • Delete topics
  • Set their own member title

Members (more than 5 posts)


  • Post replies and create new topics
  • Give 10 negative and 20 positive reputation votes a day
  • Upload files
  • Post replies to files
  • View user profiles
  • Post links
  • Use private messaging


  • Delete posts
  • Delete topics
  • Set their own member title


Members who have shown they have exceptional knowledge in certain games or areas of the community have their own special colour to indicate their advanced knowledge of scripting, modifications, general gameplay or other areas. These members are often looked on for the Moderator nomination process.


Members who have contributed exceptional content to our community, discovered major breakthroughs or have otherwise played a significant role in shaping our community. All have provided quality content to the Stronghold Nation community, and have a special colour to indicate this.


Former staff members who have stepped down or become inactive over time. As a special sign of respect and gratitude, they have their own group colour.

Community Liaisons

Members who show they are fully capable of following the rules and repeatedly shown they can answer questions accurately, or have great expertise in certain areas. They have forum-based Moderator privileges in their specific areas of interest. These members are often looked on much more quickly than the other groups for moderator nomination.


Members who have specific skills or interests in certain aspects of the community and have exhibited great expertise, leadership and professionalism are assigned full moderator privileges over those areas. These members lead specific forum(s) and help start or lead discussions.

Global Moderators

These members are very active who have contributed to the community many times, shown a desire to help and fully understand the rules and personality of the community. They have global privileges over the whole community and are empowered to ensure that members are following the rules and the community reputation remains intact.


These members are longstanding within the community showing significant expertise and knowledge, participating in community decisions and suggesting overall improvements. They are assigned specific roles or tasks related to running and managing certain aspects of the community.

Head Admins

These members are incredibly active in the community, and are the principle Administrators charged with its running and overall management. These are often the most active, longstanding and helpful users on the whole community.


The webmaster is the main Administrator of the community and responsible for its daily management, operations, strategic vision and long-term sustainability.

Member Titles
Member titles are based on the amount of posts you have made, and are displayed below your username. The more posts you have made, the higher your rank will become. The different achievable ranks are based on medieval society, which are the following:

  • Village Idiot - 0
  • Serf - 1
  • Peasant - 3
  • Armed Peasant - 6
  • Freeman - 11
  • Commoner - 18
  • Thane - 27
  • Yeoman - 38
  • Spearman - 51
  • Archer - 66
  • Maceman - 84
  • Crossbowman - 105
  • Pikeman - 129
  • Swordsman - 156
  • Knight Bachelor - 186
  • Knight Banneret - 220
  • Knight Errant - 258
  • Royal Champion - 300
  • Baron - 346
  • Viscount - 396
  • Earl - 457
  • Marquis - 511
  • Duke - 576
  • Archduke - 646
  • Grand Duke - 711
  • Earl Constable - 787
  • Earl Marshal - 863
  • Regent - 951
  • Prince - 1,045
  • King - 1,145
  • High Emperor - 1,252

Reputation Titles

Reputation titles are shown on your profile based on the amount of community reputation you receive. They are also based on Medieval society and are as follows:

  • Exiled -20
  • Disgraced -10
  • Shunned -5
  • Dishonoured -1
  • Serf 0
  • Peasant 5
  • Commoner 10
  • Worker 15
  • Tradesman 20
  • Craftsman 35
  • Mercer 50
  • Squire 60
  • Knight 70
  • Chevalier 100
  • Baronet 150
  • Count 250
  • Marquis 400
  • Archduke 500
  • Overlord 650
  • Monarch 800
  • Deity 900
  • Legendary 1,000
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