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Crusader 2 for 8,74€ on Steam!

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Just like you were telling me those stuff before, I am saying it here - if someone wants to get it, but the prize was the problem. You ca get it for 8,74? on Steam until December 1st.


ADDITION: Oh, now I noticed that Nigel did this same thing before me. :) Well, then I will brag a little how I bought the four DLC's today. :D True, I won't win those campaigns any time soon, but hey, I have them now, and that what matters.


Chris, sorry for double tread, I should have taken a look, and not just that - now I remember that I am one of those who read his first message.

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Mini dlc keys (please just redeem them if you have stronghold crusader2):

Delivering Justice: HJJA2-FX6RE-36ZKD

Freedom Fighters: Y29EV-WR8AY-85M0X


I recieved them from Firefly but I already have them :)

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