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  1. FSB audio relies heavily on the data structure files (.feb or .bank), which govern the file size directly. I am not sure what free editor there is to edit files without problems. The tool works this way: extract a .v file: .XXX => .v create a .v file: .XXX => .v So you must rename your zipped .v to something else (.zip for example), so that it won't get overwritten. Total Commander is very helpful for editing the package directly.
  2. Thanks @ Crusader1307 , I've contacted him!
  3. Hello all, I have been tinkering lately with the community editor that was developed by Stronghold-Knights members. Needless to say, the site is long defunct. As a hobby project, I have been using the editor so that it can be used to modify Stronghold Legends AI castles. I would like to release the modified files at some point to the community, for which I require written permission. The problem is that there are no contacts in the original files, and HicRic's AOL e-mail address is no longer active. Does someone know how I could contact one of the authors? In case they can't be contacted, under what terms should/may I proceed with the release?
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