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Lord Vetka

Free Falls, yes a free play map, with invasion triggers!

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I just posted my new Free play map "Free Falls" It's a medium map with more than enough resources to build a fine castle, I put in some markers to trigger invasions to test your castle if you want to, in the North there are 4 markers each one has a hard invasion that repeat once in one day, in the south west corner you will find 2 sign posts that will trigger the same type of invasions, these will come from the southwest, trigger them by moving a soldier up to the marker, one at a time or a few at once or all at once, the invasions are invasive and could stall your computer if you trigger to many to start with, save first!


Merry Christmas to all and have a great New Year!






This is one trigger on the NW side.


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Nice thank you. I'm gonna check it out for sure.


Merry Christmas to you too and for sure to all others :)


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Thanks, have fun, the triggers could stall your PC if you use more than one, my PC stopped when I used 4 of them.


My PC is an older PC dual core 3400 so a little slow. You can see in the screens of the editor, the task bar has a icon that is all red, that shows how much my cpu is being used, at 80% it goes red, you see that at 100%, same in game, I'm out of resources:-(

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