The Holy Knight

24th Feb 2019
Stronghold Crusader
Custom War
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By rfortuna

Short campaign (Stronghold Crusader Version 1.4)

You follow a crusader who fight with Richard LionHeart during the third crusade. In this campaign you will have to reconquer the Crusade Castle and fight Saladin's forces. For maybe one day reconquer Jerusalem..

And.. Sorry for English mistake..


R1 Arrival to Acre

After the capture of Jerusalem by Saladin, a third crusade was launched, bringing together among these ranks the most prestigious kings in Europe. After a stopover in Cyprus, Our King Richard landed near Acre with his troops and joining the forces of the King of France, Philippe Auguste. After the failure of the negotiations, it is agreed that Acre must be recovered as soon as possible, by force if necessary. Your goal is clear. Join and lead the troops of Guy de Lusignan who make the siege of Saint-Jean d'Acre. Guy de Lusignan who still has the title of "King of Jerusalem", despite his stinging defeat at Hattin and his acknowledged military incompetence, has been struggling for a long time to recover the city, no doubt that Saladin released it for the single purpose of keeping sabotage our operations. The joint armies of Richard and Philippe Auguste left to face Saladin not far. Lead the forces of Lusignan and take these walls as soon as possible! The Emir who reigns over Acre is not known for his fighting taste. If you kill enough defenders, the city should surrender quite easily.


R2 Sans Storm

The fall of Acre really marks the beginning of this crusade for our dear England, Sire. During the months that followed, the hold of the Holy Crusade on the region did not stop increasing. What an epic! Accumulating the victories, Richard approaches irremediably of Arsouf while Philippe Auguste returns to France to solve some internal problem. Saladin to send one of these most faithful general, a Wazir named the Scourge. At the head of Saladin's troops he ambushed us in the mountain paths. Richard and his guard are ahead of us, my Lord. Leaving us alone, facing the storm. What an excellent "strategy" from part of King Richard to let us take care of this ambush after taking these knights with him. You better get ready quickly, Sire. At least we have stone and iron at our disposal. More than enough to consolidate this fort in ruins and forge some masses that will smash the skulls of our enemies.


R3 Battle of Arsouf

Wazir troops defeated and they are in trouble, the army continues along the coast, while Saladin destroys the various fortresses, and burn the crops before the Crusaders seize. You catch up with Richard outside Arsouf, where the siege is at an impasse. You must build your defenses and quickly take over the city to counter the attacks of Saladin who are becoming more ferocious every day. We have only a short time to capture the city, Sire. The presence of Saladin's troops in the neighboring plains is already reported.


R4 Faith

After the victory of Arsouf both sides are exhausted and Richard, having heard of a plot to dethrone him, plans to return home. No doubt the treacherous Philippe Auguste is behind all this, he coveted, since long times, the English possessions in France .. Not being able to give up his army Richard decides to walk on Jaffa hoping to bend Saladin .. However, it will not be our road sire. The abbot of the city of Caesarea, newly conquered, calls for help. These faithful would be assaulted by desert warriors. Rumors say that it's the Wazir, your old opponent, who leads these skirmishes on our settlements. It is high time to shoot him down, sire! The state of the walls is catastrophic, I think the Abbot has all invested to beautify his palace and he seriously neglected the defenses. We will have to hasten fortifying them. Take care, however, in addition to defending the dungeon we must also prevent the destruction of the Abbot's palace. The Abbot has put these monks fighting at your service, but I would not advise you too quickly to recruit knights in order to be able to effectively counter the weapons of enemy headquarters. The palace although beautiful doesn't seem very solid ..


R5 The Sacred Duel

What a glorious victory my lord! Although our losses were numerous, the warriors of the deserts were defeated and had to retreat before the faith of our monks and the blades of our warriors! However, The Abbot will not be satisfied until the head of the Wazir has fallen .. So we chased them and stuck in a small mountain village. They do not have any escapes but they always oppose us fierce resistance in these hilly trails .. We should hurry to settle this case and join Richard who according to the news, took Jaffa and strengthens it in anticipation of reprisals of Saladin. It is not because the Wazir came out of his hiding place, this morning, to challenge you to a duel, my lord, you dont have to participate. The saracens will be well at one time or another.. I beseech you, sire, I have seen with my eyes this villain kill half a dozen of our brothers during the siege. Join Richard and let your men take care of the last survivors for mercy.


R6 Battle of Jerusalem

What an epic fight it was, sire, but if you allow me, without the legendary solidity of your armor, I'm afraid The Scourge would have disemboweled you  even few times .. Moreover the wound he inflicted on you at an ugly pace, I summon the apothecary immediately! When our men invaded the village, only a few warriors were still present. Our scouts found steep passages in the mountains. Looks like the Wazir has managed to give his people enough time to escape. After the failure of Saladin's counter attack on Jaffa. Richard reluctantly marched on Jerusalem. His mind was focused on the threat that hovered over his possessions in France and the conspiracy against him. I can see that your injury is still hurting you, my lord.. You will have to leave, his grace, Richard lead the assault against the camp of Saladin in front of the outskirts of Jerusalem. Anyway Richard wants to lead the assault and finish it as soon as possible. With our King at their head our men will massacre these cursed Saracens without evil! Let's see how he maneuvers, surrounded by the outposts of Saladin. Let's look at a Lion at battle.


Finally after all these bloodshed, and although Jerusalem didn't fall, a truce was concluded .. The Christian pilgrims obtained free access to Jerusalem without taxes and the territory was shared. The coastline returning to the Christian and the hinterland to Saladin. Richard returned to England, and my lord obtained for reward, from his loyal services, a castle by the sea. His court can assure you, I begged him to leave this land and return to our dear country. But my lord was stubborn, and the England, no longer tempted him.. It is in this cool morning, whistling by the breeze of the sea, that he will die. The last faithful of the Wazir who had escaped their sentence infiltrated the dungeon and avenged their master..