Vlad the Impaler Campaign

7th Mar 2018
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By rfortuna

This is a remake of the Vlad campaign of STR Legends.

Incarnate the true Vlad, without magical power, only his reputation. Use greek fire, wardogs and pestilence. Lead your army of pikeman and impaled those who want eras your name of history.

Sorry for English mistake..


1 Prologue

Oh Wallachia ... If only your story was as pure as the crystal clear waters of the Danube flowing along your borders. But these lands have long been subject to the tyrannical whims of the Ottoman or Hungarian empires. When we think that our fallen leader Vlad II Dracul had to pay tribute to Turkey by sending his two sons, Vlad and Radu live as prisoners at the Sultan's palace! Vladislav II, simple Hungarian puppet now occupies the throne. But the time has come for me to stand up as a man, to avenge my father and to sound the return of the Dracul race on the lands of Wallachia.


2 Revenge

In the end, the Sultan fell in love with us and we were trained in his elite guard.

 We have become as robust as any Turkish soldier. The Sultan entrusted me with a small army to dethrone the Hungarian puppet, Vladislav II, keeping my younger brother Radu on his side. But I'm not crazy and I will not give up the opportunity to take back this throne that belongs to us right. Once I have annihilated the Hungarian I will take care of the Turks. There is no doubt that General Bachir and these thousand janissaries will be sent to us. This dog has defeated my father in the past. Once his army annihilated, I would impale the living as the dead! Warning to anyone who would like to take the throne of Wallachia!



When we were shut up in the dungeons of the Sultan, my brother and I had to support each other. Radu was fragile and the things he saw ... disturbed him terribly, while for my part I found them .. strangely .. fascinating. Today Radu seems to want to relieve himself by working on my own death. He refused to follow me in my revolution and felt betrayed by my departure. He is now a Turk, besieged me at Poenari Castle and is preparing to shoot him stone by stone. My only escape is to rebuild the bridge to Transylvania. I will take away my wife Elizabetha as soon as we find a safe place.


4 Transylvania

I had escaped the fury of my brother, and yet I had lost everything, thinking myself dead my dear wife had thrown into the icy waters of the Danube .. Mad with sorrow, without being able to find the body of my wife I went off to a temple in the Carpathian Mountains and came out with a new resolution. God has abandoned me ... as he will, the appointed time, for all his creatures. I am not very popular here, and the Transylvanian lords have come together against me. Fear will sweep away their hopes, I will submit this earth and all will have to kneel before me or perish by my sword! My spies also informed me that my beloved broher and General Bashir were back and planned to hunt down here.


5 The Crusaders

I submitted Transylvania to my will and impaled the soldiers who came to claim my head!

A forest of impaled bodies rose quickly at the feet of my castle! Ah, what a show! Soon the tales of my carnage describing me as an ignoble monster reached the ears of the Roma's puppets and the decision was to send a crusade to slaughter me. I will show them the monsters he wants to see! These pigs in the color of the Cross will finish like all the others. They are, however, very seasoned and numerous, so I decided to retreat to my castle in the mountains, where their armor of seats will be less effective.


6 The army of darkness

After this new challenge to my power, I further strengthened my grip on Transylvania with the help of forces sent by the Hungarian court. My new fief under guard, I then turned to Wallachia, and to my younger brother Radu now installed on the throne for the Ottoman Empire.

I have sent my wolves ravaged the fields of Radu, if we open them access, we will probably attend a blood bath of the most exquisite!

By twice my homeland was torn off twice, it will not happen a third time. The world is turned in my direction. We will honor the memory of those who have fallen to defend the name of the Dracul by spreading the blood of those who are trying today to erase it!