STR2 The Throne's way

2nd Dec 2017
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By rfortuna

First chapter of the Military campaign based on stronghold 2

Remake of Stronghold 2 with some changes in history

You will have to fight against a Prince b*****d and choose your way, covet the throne or find the King!

1 New Start

We had no news of the King. Since this banquet in honor of his royal champion, Sir William, a poisoned cup. The King convulsing at the feet of his court. He was quickly removed by his guard and since more news. Renegat barons hastened to ravage the country's control. Prince b*****d has their head, son of an imprudence of the king with a baroness. Last King's faithful, Sir William took me to the grounds of Penbrooke Abbey to gather our strength. My life as a squire was soon to change and I ended up with my first command. Sir William went once again to fight the campaign in search of faithful while I was busy gathering arms and food for our cause. I had to set up a camp and gather what I could before he returned. I was told that some gangs of looters of b*****d in order to loot the abbey. My first battle will begin soon.


2 Rescue Udwin

After the battle, a messenger from Sir William arrived. He will tell me on the spot with all my men. They'll be able to explain to me why he did not send me reinforcements.

I cross the valley at the head of my meager strength to arrive in front of a castle emblazoned with the lamb. It was the castle of Dame Mewew, a lady he had once courted. She was holding Ser Udwin Blackwater hostage. The latter promised title and land to anyone who liberated him. Sir William explained to me that this was a perfect opportunity for our cause. I found myself at the head of my forces and a contingent of Udwin faithful. I always appreciated Lady Mewen and it saddened me to attack her castle, but if it was for the cause ..


3 The Boar of border

Ser Udwin thanked me by dabbling me and giving me land. Ser William when he had found a new ally. I do not trust this serpent of Udwin, the castle he entrusted to me is on the border of the kingdom, and an old enemy of the nation, The Old Boar, rode. Udwin told Ser William that he may have found the king's track. Ser William might be brave, he was not cautious. I found myself at the head of a field next to a forest infested with wolf and the land of the Old Boar. While waiting for news from my master I will rebuild on these ravaged lands. If I save the people from their lands, they will be forever grateful to me. It will be worth much more than the miserable little camp of the abbey.


4 Among the ruins

Udwin betrayed us, not only did he join the enemies of our nation, but he also took Sir William to a trap. This expedition to trace the King was only another trap and Sir William fell in his head first. His misjudgment in liberating Udwin will cost us dear. While this Snake attacking The Old Boar cross the border and ravage Penbrooke Abbey before setting up camp. So I decide to leave with all my strength to chase this infamous barbarian of our country .. Here among the ruins of my old camp I exchange a few words with The Boar, assuring him that I would plant his head at the end of a spade if he refuses to surrender Sir William. He refused. That's all I was hoping !


5 A rope for traitror

Sir William and the monks are saved! It was time to take revenge on Udwin. The coward fled to his domain. I have already defeated his main army, it will be easy for us to submit it.

On the road we came across Lady Mewen's escort. She does not keep any resentment for her castle .. But my master has clearly made a mistake .. No longer having great confidence in Sir William she tells me, his guard of pikemen, they will be very useful to capture this castle.

Mewen also told me that Prince had gathered these forces and those of these loyal barons to walk on us. Will be a tough fight, has one against three. So I will have to make sure to take this castle without too much damage and keep it costs that costs!


6 The Choice

What butchery! This battle will remain in the memories. We lost a lot, both sides. The Batard asks for an interview, at a safe distance. He exhorted me to join him in order to bring down the faithful of this tired old king. On the other side Sir William and Lady Mewen reminded me of my loyalty to my King. It required reflection both sides weakened, there was an opportunity to take. Join the Batard and covet the Trone myself or Stay faithful to my oaths and fight to find our King.

I asked them to leave me a time to reflect .. Then the opportunity to make my choice presented itself, the last barons of the Batard who had not perished to fall back, wounded and tired. I could either let them escape, or capture them. From this choice will depend my new allegiance.