Uther Campaign (2/2)

15th Nov 2017
Stronghold Legends
Custom War
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By rfortuna

Sorry for my english mistake

Short campaign about Uther before Arthur's story.

Save your Kingdom of the saxon invasion and fight the Tyrant Vortiggern in his Dark Magic Tower

1 The Darkest Hours

In the year 425, after the fall of the High King of Brittania, Constantine, his second , Vortiggern, ascended the throne. Very quickly the Tyrant rejected all that the britons people had fought for. He offered lands to the Saxons, allowing them to stay on Britania's floor. This alliance with the Saxon allowed him to keep control over the country, the barbarians carrying out deadly raids on these opponents.

Vortiggern also coveted the power of the druids and ladies of Avalon. He ordered the construction of a great malefic tower that would allow him to increase his dark powers.

Several little kings rebelled, the young Uther Pendragon took the head of this rebellion and left to defend Avalon against the forces of Vortiggern.

It is here that this will decide the future of Avalon. Rebuild the old Roman's fort near the Avalon's Woods and annihilate the Pictish and Saxon mercenaries of Vortiggern.

If this Demon manages to seize the secrets of Avalon I fear for our future .. Merlin left rallied these Druid brothers. Hope that he will bring us reinforcements.

2 For Albion !

The forces of Vortiggern have been defeated! The free people of Britania have crushed oppression!

The arrival of Merlin has changed the course of the battle, and the Pictish people have joined us.

Without his mercenaries the Tyrant finds himself very poor. Uther has to lead his troops to the magic Tower. Vortiggern has long since left the sword for dark magic, his body has become weaker and gnawed by darkness, paradoxically his powers have become fearsome. This is the fate that awaits all those who indulge in black magic .. Merlin will not be too much for this fight. The lands surrounding this evil place are corrupt and our men report all kinds of creatures walking the paths leading to the tower.

We have to set up an encampment to kill that mad king so only we can get the Saxons out of our country. Messire Bedevere, a brave knight to raise an army to the south. He is currently in motion. No doubt these reinforcements will allow us to bring down this tower.