The Lamb (3/5)

5th Oct 2017
Stronghold Crusader
Custom War
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By rfortuna

Eco-Military campaign.

Incarante "The lamb" the the niece of Richard following his uncle in crusade and discovering a way other than that of Lady of the course.

Fight next to Richard and the Marshal and confront the lords who want to dominate you, Crusaders or Saracen.

1 First steps

It may seem strange that a woman like me decides to participate in the Crusades. And yet the work of sewing and all these ladie's squeak of the course have always frightened me.

Also when my uncle Richard decided to go in the Crusade I harassed him until he yielded. He always loved me! Here I am, therefore, from the seas and deserts, in order to live an extraordinary adventure. Being a woman I was quartered in the back most of the time, this must stop! I want to make myself useful and I will prove to all these old knights that a woman can very well manage a castle! Richard went off to chastise Issac Comnenos, the tyrant of Cyprus. While waiting for his victory I will show him what I can do. Accompanied by the old "Marshal" we settled in a small village by the sea. The area is far from the fighting and fertile. I will prepare a little surprise to reward our troops. My uncle will undoubtedly impress!

2 The horro of War

The Tyrant fell and the feast lasted several days. Richard felicited me for my initiative was impressed by the ease I had in directing my people.

After this stopover in Cyprus we reappeared towards our goal.

While the confrontation between Richard and Saladin was raging I was quartered in the back. So when Richard ordered Marshal to go on a mission, I jumped at the opportunity.

We would take the mines of a faithful emir to Saladin and then we would put our blacksmiths to work. This will be the first time I will be in a battle. If Richard knew it. Once we captured the fort, I would start the production of weapons. "The Marshal", I hope, will take care of the reprisals of Saladin's allies.

3 The God's ways

Our march continued a few months but very soon the positions stagnated and after the conquest of Jaffa Saladin and Richard decide to conclude a truce.

All these massacres had finally ceased. Richard heard of a conspiracy to dethrone him in England aimed at dismissing him and left as soon as the truce was concluded, leaving the management of the new lands conquered to whoever will.

The country was not lacking, this earth, so exotic, had to be rebuilt and I felt of size to participate.

I would join Richard later. So I went back to the service of the New King of Jerusalem, and a year later rumors reached our doors. A Caliph fanatic, "The Vulture", disobeyed to the Saladin's order and attacked the caravans of pilgrims. "The Abbot" called for help.

So I left with a few soldiers to rebuild the front posts of the ruined pilgrims. For the common good, this region had to be secured!

4 The Beauty and the Beast

The path of the pilgrimage is now secured and the troops of "The Vulture" have been repulsed. I sent an emissary to Saladin to ask him to punish him.

The charismatic leader has lost a lot of support after his truce with Richard, hope we'll have enough to chase our enemies. I still have no news from Richard. "The Marshal" is very weak, this crusade has pushed these last limits. So it was I who answered the call to the help of our friends, the Sultan Abdul. His trading caravans were assailed by cross-bandits. A renegade lord, "The Sheriff", did not leave in a crusade of his own free will. Here on these new lands he will try to re-establish his dominion. I have to help the Sultan, he is not a warrior put, he is a good man and men like him will be vital to rebuild this land, I will implement what "The Marshal" taught me and defend peace. By all means.