The Wolf Return - Chap 1

23rd Aug 2017
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By rfortuna

Military campaign after Stronghold 1

Remake of Stronghold 3 with some changes in history

You will have to fight against the jackal and thwart the return of the Wolf.

1 The Three fort

The attack took place at night, an army equipped with the greek fire! My castle burned and it is only thanks to the underground building built by my grandfather that I was able to flee ..

What had happened? I soon learned that the kingdom had fallen once more. Our armies scattered all over the country were defeated, some even turned against us.

The apple was rotten from inside .. Rumors about a man with a Jackal head leading the forces of invasions reached me. I succeeded in joining a refugee camp, we have to prepare defenses, time to evacuate women and children to the mountains. The three forts must stand against the forces of the Jackal.

2 The vermint's return

Rats ! The damned Rats! The offspring of the Duke of Puce, all more ugly and coward than the others .. They are therefore those who lead the Jackal forces here ..

We have defeated them here and women and children are safe. I must now find our old allies. The Green Knight men-at-arms should be able to help us,

They never bear oppression after all. The castle of the marsh is already besieged by the forces of the youngest of the Rats! If I break the siege and capture this vermin it will be a first victory!

We had to get out, cross the marshes and destroy the siege camp before the arrival of the reinforcements of Puce.

3 First allies.

We captured this miserable little Rat and the Green Knight is grateful to us. We must continue our march and liberate the region.

These dogs have burned my castle with the fire gregeois, well we will return them the device. The Green Knight brought these men together and talked to me about an old fort overlooking a swamp full of pitchers.

He has proposed to deal with the forces of the second Rat by dragging them here in a trap.

Meanwhile I will carry my forces on the lands of the Duke Ironhead, these forges will greatly help our cause!

4 The Iron Duke

The rats cried! The Green Knight dealt them a fatal blow. He captured the second brothers and reduced his army to ashes.

Here on the lands of the Duke Ironhead, the forces of the third Rat controlled the iron mines. We took them in the night but the Rat will not delay to send troops to recover them.

We settled down at the foot of the Duke's castle, but I fear that this one is lost hope. If we hold on long enough and restart the iron production, he will join us.

I hope so. Meanwhile, we will have to fortify our positions before the arrival of the Rat forces.

5 The Rats Ends

The mines are again productive and the Rat's forces have been defeated! It's time to make a final blow. Take the forges of Lakeforge.

The Duke took a little hope and entrusted us with a detachment of pikemen in armor as well as some old weapons of sieges.

The hour of revenge has struck, the last of the rats is cut off here. Use your troops wisely and make your way to him, Save the civilian losses to the maximum, only the fall of the rat and the recovery of the forges count! The Higland's freedom is coming!