Four Elements

16th Feb 2016
Stronghold Legends
Custom War
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By Nigel

Four elements

After the giant brothers Fafnir and Fasold had build Odin's new stronghold Valhallah, they were paied with gold and riches. Howerver, evil as they were, the two giants started to argue over the gold and as their fight grew out of hand, Fafnir killed his brother Fasold.

Now the giant turned fully to evil and so evil was he, that he also physically transformed and his body changed into that of a huge dragon.

The story of how young Siegfried went up into the mountain and, with a sword he had forged himself, slew the evil dragon Fafnir is well known and the bards have made many songs about it.

Less known is the story of he managed to come back from the mountain.

The dwarf Alberich had been guarding Fafnir's treasure and after his master's death he was now at the service of Siegfried. He ordered local farmers to go into the dragon's cave and bring the gold to Siegfied's treasury.

Soon the young hero had all the gold he ever wanted, but also discovered that it would not help him in the mountains, where there was nothing he could buy with it. To get out of the magic mountain, he would need to gather 500 of each of the 4 elements: gold, iron, wood and stone.

Only then would he be able to return to his beloved home in Xanten.

Author's note: In the Age of Legend people believed that the elements were gold, iron, wood and stone. Modern science has long since demonstrated, that the four elements are fire, water, earth and air. This is a well known fact, but some backward looking and old fashioned alchemists still believe even today, that iron and gold should be considered to be elements. That, of course, is utter nonsense.

Acknowledgements: Thanks go to Andreas9541. The idea of the dead dragon is taken from his brilliant map "Necropolis Twins".