A King's Game

27th Oct 2015
Stronghold 2
Custom War
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By Lord Vetka

A Kings game

It's a maze It's a puzzle It's A Kings game!

32 marker flags can you find the 1 that gives you the Win.

14 marker flags work the Battle Arena 4 spots on high ground trigger the battles, 3 marker flags trigger battles between the King and Sir William 1 triggers some men for you to control.I recommend learning quest B first then when your set save.

Quest A get some troops onto the Kings walls,The puzzle is for you to use the knights by your granary for quest A, There is no reward only your own satisfaction of figuring out the puzzle.Or can you get some of your 6 knights to your granery,You might want to learn quest B first.

Quest B is a Quest for time you get 30 months if you find the marker flag to complete quest B you get 90 months.

The date is January 1000 you should be able to get to the win flag by July 1001,I put in a trick so you can get to the win flag by September 1000.

So now you know some things about the Kings game, Explore, Check out the Lords hotel in the middle it has a market and a restaurant,at the inn you can get a tankard of ale,take a swim and finally climb into your luxury bed chamber for a nice sleep.Or if you prefer maybe a cabin on the beach suits you better,But you could always pay a visit to the King in his keep instead. Ah it is A Kings game, now it's yours play as you like. Enjoy.

By Lord Vetka