Hobnibitt War

20th Sep 2014
Stronghold Crusader
Custom War
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By Lord Vetka

Hobnibitt War - Hobnibitt War VH

Your King has just acquired a new county, Hobnibitt county over run by lions, some wood on the farm lands, iron in the hills and a rather angry Arabian Lord down the road who would like nothing better than to stop you from making any kind of stand here in Hobnibitt county!

You do have a few weapons to make a few troops with, a bit of something to help deal with the lions, and you do have enough wood to get a few wood cutters going, the food in the granary might last long enough for you to get more food coming in, if you manage to do those things then you might be able to make enough bows and spears to handle the steady invasions that will be coming, but the crops will have their own problems, trees will die off just when you think you have enough wood, lions seem to like the area and will be coming back for a visit as well.

If you manage to make it in Hobnibitt county then you might want to try and see if your good enough to try the very hard version, this version has more invasions and there will be more troops in the invasions, you have a little less to start with, getting enough wood will be a problem, food and gold is easy, making enough weapons and repelling the enemy invasions will be hard.

Restrictions are common here, only ale in the market, your troops are archers and spearmen, no walls or towers, you can't even put troops on the keep, wells only for the fires that will break out. Unrestricted lions and troops will bring balance to your stay!

I give you 2 maps, the normal version, still hard but not enough to call hard and the very hard version, this one will test your ability to hold a county in Crusader, you tell me if it deserves the title of very hard!

Enjoy your stay!

By Lord Vetka