Complete Guide to Generating Honour

  • Stronghold 2 Tutorial
  • 4 mins

By Lord_Chris

Honour is one of the most vital elements of the game in Stronghold 2. Nearly everything you do in the game requires honour and generally it can only be gained by doing the things below. If you are playing as a rank lower than Duke, then you will also need honour to get promoted. Click here for an overview on all ranks in Stronghold 2.

You can view an overview of all your honour gained by clicking the book on the right side of your screen then clicking the crown icon in the sidebar. Honour is used much more in Stronghold 2 than in Stronghold Legends, and in fact is even used for training most troops in the game, as well as for promotions.

The main ways Honour can be gained are shown below.


Feasts are prepared in the Lord's Kitchen and are delivered to your Keep by Pages. You can view the Honour to be given for the next feast by left clicking on the Lord's Kitchen. This will also show you the number of guests expected and the total amount of food available, and the amount of Honour you will receive is pre-determined by the amount of food available and the Honour multiplier (see below). The more food available, the more guests, thus meaning more Honour is given. One other factor that will help is your keep size- the larger your Keep the more guests you can have. For example, a Grand Keep will allow 9 guests, but a Wooden Keep will only allow 2 guests.

The foods eaten during feasting are Vegetables from the Vegetable Garden, Eels/Geese from the Eel Pond, Pigs from the Pig Farm and Wine from the Vineyard. Note that at least some of these buildings must be placed to generate the food which is used during a feast. You will also get a +10 automatic Honour bonus if you have the Musician's Guild. Left click on your Keep to view how many months until the next feast.

The Honour multiplier will also have an effect on how much Honour you receive from feasting. Each food type is worth 4 Honour automatically, and the number of food types you have will also play a role, along with the number of guests. For example:

  • 4 x (2 guests) x 5 food types = 40 points
  • 4 x (6 guests) x 5 food types = 120 points
  • 4 x (9 guests) x 5 food types = 180 points

Musician's Guild

A Musician's Guild will give you an automatic +10 honour bonus during your feasts and the rest of the time, they will entertain your peasants increasing your popularity.


Dancing will provide you with 200 Honour, and it is exceptionally easy to achieve. However, it will require a Bedchamber, Weaver's Workshop, Lord's Kitchen and Sheep Farm to be built first. Cloth is made by the Weaver from Wool generated by the Sheep Farm. Afterwards, Pages from the Lord's Kitchen take it to the Bedchamber and the Lady will turn it into dresses. Once four dresses have been made, a dance is held in the Keep raising 200 Honour. Once a Dance has been held, the Lady will start making new dresses for another.


You can also gain Honour from the Monastery by the 6 Monks creating manuscripts. They do this automatically, and each one takes approximately 2 game years to produce. Once made, they will be delivered to your Keep and you will get a +5 Honour bonus for each manuscript created.


The Jousting Field will produce a large amount of Honour on a regular basis. The Jousting field takes six game months to setup, and then is active for another six months. Each month the Jousting Field is built, it will generate 20 Honour. It will also have a large positive effect on your popularity throughout this time. Once the six months are up, is then dismantled again and the process begins from scratch.


If your Lord attends a Church service, you will receive a massive 150 Honour boost. Note however that this does not happen often, and you must hold regular services here, so make sure you are well stocked up with Candles.


Honour can be gained in the Granary by feeding your peasants multiple food types. For each month there are multiple food types you will receive an Honour bonus. This is depending entirely upon how many food types you have. For instance two food types will provide a +1 Honour bonus, three food types will produce a +2 bonus and four food types will produce a +3 bonus. In addition to this, if you increase your ration level, then the bonus will increase as well. Double rations will essentially double any Honour bonuses you receive. For example if you're feeding all four ration types on Double rations, you'll get a +6 Honour bonus.


Though very expensive, Statues generate a very high and constant amount of Honour over time. Each month each statue provides +1 Honour.


While Birdhouses can only be placed in the editor, and cannot be placed during the game, they will generate +1 Honour every month, which in the longer-term will generate a consistent high amount of Honour for you.

Rehabilitation Methods

All rehabiltation methods have the possibility to generate Honour, but in the case of the Block and the Gallows, this is very rarely the case due to how quickly the rehabilitation takes. The following table is compiled from information made available by Sparrow at Stronghold Heaven.


Rehabilitation Device Time (in Months) Honour amount
Stocks 20 20
Gibbet 15 15
Humiliation Mask 12.5 12-13
Flogging Post 3.5 3-4
Branding Chair 3 3
Torture Wheel 2.5 2-3
Stretching Rack 2 2
Burning Post 1 1
Gallows 0.5 0-1
Executioner's Block 3 days 0-1