Game Ranks

  • Stronghold 2 Overview
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By Lord_Chris

The rank system in Stronghold 2 allows a new things to become available for different ranks, and new units to be trained. You can view your current rank by simply clicking on the icon at the top center of the screen. To change your rank, you click the icon, then select "Promote".

Below are the ranks in stronghold 2, along with the different buildings and units that become available when you become that rank. You can promote yourself when you get the amount of honour next to the rank in the table below. Rank applies to all scenario types in the game.

Rank Honour Needed New Buildings New Units
Freeman 0 Wooden Wall, Wooden Platform, Wooden Gatehouse, Barracks, Hovel, Treasury, Granary, Hunter's Post, Apple Farm, Dairy Farm, Stockpile, Saw Pit, Market Armed Peasant
Yeoman 10 Lord's Kitchen, Wheat Farm, Mill, Bakery, Pig Farm, Stone Quarry, Ox Tether, Gong Pit None
Squire 15 Monastery, Musicians Guild, Vegetable Garden, Iron Mine, Falconer's Post None
Knight 30 Stone Wall, Stairwell, Small Gatehouse, Armoury, Mercenary Post, Siege Camp, Stone Tipper, Rock Basket, Jousting Field, Bedchamber, Eel Pond, Sheep Farm, Poleturner's Workshop, Fletcher's Workshop, Bee Hive, Chandler's Workshop, Weaver's Workshop, Courthouse, Guard Post, Stocks, Humiliation Mask Spearman, Archer, Outlaw, Light Cavalry, Ladderman
Knight Bachelor 50 Lookout Tower, Man Trap, Tower Mounted Magonel, Engineer's Guild, Church, Vineyard, Vintner's Workshop, Armourer's Workshop Pikeman, Axe Thrower, Engineer
Knight Errant 100 Bastion, Main Gate, Brazier, Pitch, Tunnel Entrance, Traveling Fair, Tanner's Workshop, Pitch Rig, Torturer's Guild, Gibbet, Torture Wheel, Streching Rack, Flogging Post Crossbowman, Pictish Boat Warrior, Fighting Monk, Mantlet, Burning Cart, Small Siege Tower
Royal Champion 150 Square Tower, Square Tower With Hoarding, Stable, Statue, Blacksmith's Workshop Swordsman, Berserker, Battering Ram, Large Siege Tower
Baron 200 Round Tower, Round Tower With Hoarding, War Hound Cage, Hops Farm, Brewery, Inn, Carter Post, Apothecary, Water Pot, Well, Branding Chair Maceman, Warrior Monk, Catapult
Earl 250 Large Gatehouse, Oil smelter, Killing Pit, Moat, Wall Mounted Rolling Logs Horse Archer, Thief, Fire Ballista, Cat
Duke 300 Great Tower, Tower Ballista, Burning Post, Executioner's Block, Gallows Knight, Assassin, Trebuchet