On This Day In History………


Malcolm IV is Crowned King of Scotland, today.


Sir Francis Drake (England), began his attacks on “New Spain” (Spanish Territorial holdings in The Americas), with the destruction of Castillo de San Marcos (St. Augustine, Florida), today.


The Russian City of St. Petersburg is founded today, by Tsar Peter I.


Julia Ward Howe (NY), was born today. From a well off family, Howe became a champion of The Abolitionist Movement with her publishing of a religious poem for publishing in an Newspaper devoted to The Cause of freeing Slaves in The South. Her poem, “The Battle Hymn of The Republic”, will go one to be set to music (as a Hymn) – and further become the unofficial Marching Song of The Union Army during The Civil War. The song is recognized throughout the World.


White attempting to surrender during The Battle of France, 99 British Soldiers of The Royal Norfolk Regiment, are gunned down by German SS Soldiers. Only 2 survive to be taken Prisoner.