On This Day In History………


The Last Norse Raid against England ends today with The Battle of Stamford Bridge. English Forces (numbering around 15,000) rout a Viking Army of 9,000 warriors. Both the Viking Leader (King Harald I) and The English King's brother (Goodwin) – are killed. It was a particularly bloody event, with a total of 11,000 dead total for both sides.


A common Border between England and Scotland is established today, with The Treaty of York.


The Battle of Nicopolis (Bulgaria), was fought today. Ottoman Forces (numbering around 25,000), routed The Allied Armies of The Holy Roman Empire (16,000). They took The City of Nicopolis with heavy casualties. It is estimated that over 5,000 Turks fell and 1,000 citizens of The City were massacred. The entirety of The Imperial Army was decimated (with some accounts showing almost 20,000 of their troops falling in battle).


The Pacific Ocean is “discovered” today by Spanish Explorer Vasco Balboa.


The first 12 Amendments to The US Constitution are passed by Congress today.


Switzerland's Government denies entrusted to all Jewish Refugees today, citing Race is not sufficient enough for protection within it's Borders.