Adding Custom Messages in the LOTR Mod

  • Stronghold Scenario Design
  • 1 min

By Lord Stronghold

You like the LOTR mod for Stronghold, but you can't make your own messages for your Scenario? No problem, make your own Scenarios with Messages and more. Time for the fantasy of your own mind.

Own Messages in Stronghold.

Step 1. What for a Message will you have for the Mission? Search in Stronghold folders the files that you must have.

I will add other messages as in the picture. I search in the Firefly Studios\Stronghold\binks with the Tool Bink Video this video.

So and the result is: Stronghold\binks\ap_civil9.bik and Stronghold\fx\speech\ ap_civil_01.wav and not to forget: General_Message3.wav.

Step 2.

Make your own Bink Video with Rad Game Tools. A typical Stronghold Video have the Width 128 and the Height 128. Scaling your video of this mass. Make a new .wave file and then to the last step, the subtitle. Recommended is a video without Sound.

Step 3.
Open the mfg. file with a Hexeditor, because here are the subtitles. Give the subtitle text in this format in the ground of the file.

Search the Text in hexadecimal.

When you have the text, you must edit the Text in this Format whit the Hexeditor, and the text must have not more Letters, as in the original. A letter more as the original, and you cannot more view the Story from the Castles in game and not view the subtitles from the messages. Sorry, this is so.

Step 4.
Enjoy this resultat.

Teutonen Ritter