Zymen Danseker

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

A Dutchman, Danseker's date of birth is unknown (as is much of His ''pre-Pirate'' Life). He was certainly active from 1579 until His death in 1615. He was a commissioned Privateer during The Eighty Years War (1568 to 1648), who took many ''Prizes'' (and personal commissions). His fame allowed Him to ''retire'' to Marseilles, France – where He married The Governor's daughter. However, a ''quiet life'' was unappealing for Danseker. He ''cut out'' in 1607, stealing a Ship in The Harbor (after recruiting a Crew). He aligned Himself with the infamous Algerian Pirate, Redwan – starting out as a ''Corsair'' (Pirate).


Danseker is credited with the creation of The ''Round Ship'' (or a Warship which concentrated it's firepower (cannons) in the center of The Hull). He was associated with some of the most infamous English Pirates of The Era (Peter Easton and Jack Ward). In 1609 (perhaps due to the Bounty on His head), Denseker attempted to have his ''Crimes'' exonerated by contacting England's King Henry IV. His plea was unsuccessful, by when The French Duke of Guise heard (back in Marseilles), he welcomed Danseker back (in part to His four well-armed Frigates, which Danseker made ''available'' as part of His ''plea'').


In 1615, Danseker was approached by French Authorities for help. Barbary Pirates had captured too many French Privateer Captains and Ship (pressing such Crews into becoming Pirates themselves or die). With ''well apportioned'' Warships, they could become even more dangerous. Danseker agreed and recruited a Crew. As part of a ruse by The Pirates, Danseker was lured ashore at Tunis. He was quickly beheaded.