Zulu Warrior Dagger

  • Swords And Knive
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By Crusader1307

The Zulu Warrior also was known to carry his own personal fighting knife into combat. Unlike a hunting or all-purpose blade, The Zulu Dagger was designed to be used in combat. Designed along the same lines as a Ilkwa Spear, the Dagger featured a long broad blade that was double edged. They were around 8 to 12-inches long. The featured a reinforced iron shank to increase strength (located at the base of the blade). The handle of the Dagger was wooden (or bone) and was small for a handle. It was carved to fit the User's hand (which again showed that only 1 knife was personally made and given to a specific Warrior). The use of a Dagger in combat was often frowned upon by Zulus (who preferred to be “tested” in combat with their Assegai or Ilkwa Spear). They were however popular with Commanders (who used them along with The Knobkerie).