Zulu Warrior

  • Anglo-Zulu War
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By Crusader1307

The fierce fighting Nation known as The Zulu Nation, came into being around 1818 under it's Chief Shaka Senzangakona (or simply Shaka). It was he who re-designed and re-modeled The Zulu Army into a “Spartan” fighting force. He re-designed Zulu weapons and warfare, and set about to conquer a vast portion of Southern Africa. His creation of the “Bull Horn” encirclement tactic was incredibly effective and successful. The average Zulu Warrior (again much as was in ancient Sparta), was unmarried. He was between 16 and 19 years old. Sent off to a “Regimental Training School” much as the Greek Agoge System, all he needed to learn and was provided for – was by his Regiment.

His uniform was a simple hide cloth. He was afforded the traditional “Lion Fetters” (of Lion fur), for his arms and legs ONLY after he had proven himself in combat. As a Warrior grew in skill, he was afford a Headdress. This “helmet” also was decorated with various feathers and embellishments with his “advancements” in combat. The more “Veteran” Units were bedecked in various forms of plummage. Around 21 to 25 years, a Zulu Warrior was “allowed” to marry.

With this, he was given his “Marriage Ring Headdress of a plain black ring (worn on his head, and under his War Bonnet). Trained to follow orders to the death, a Zulu was physically and mentally well adept at surviving on a battlefield. Regiments were “routinely” capable of forced marches (or runs) of up to 50 miles – unfettered. Although eventually subdued by The British Empire in it's conquest (and War) with the Zulu Nation, they still remain quite proud of their once Warrior ethos.