Zulu Ilkwa Spear

  • Polearms & Spear
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By Crusader1307

The iconic and legendary close quarters weapon of The Zulu African Nation, The Ilkwa Spaer was so named for the “sound” it made when it was thrust into (and taken out of) – it's enemy!. Similar in design to The Assegai Spear, The Ilkwa Spear was not designed to be thrown. It was a close quarters stabbing and slashing weapon. Consisting of a wooden reinforce shaft (3 feet long), the weapon tapered upward into a Spear Head which measured around 8.5 to 15-inches long. The broad and flat head was double-edged and extremely sharp. Normally issue to “Veteran” or Front Line deployed Zulu Regiments, it was often carried by hand (with multiple Assegai Spears carried behind the Warriors War Shield). Extremely deadly, The Ilkwa Spear was often “given” a “protective Spirit” (infused during construction by a Shaman). This would ensure victory against one's enemies. The Ilkwa Spear was designed by legendary Zulu Leader Shaka and a way of forcing Infantry to engage closer (and create more casualties) – among one's enemy. It is still the official “symbol” of The Ama Zulu Nation.