Winchester Model 1892 ''Sawed Off'' 44-70 Rifle

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By Crusader1307

As we have read, The Winchester Model 1892 Repeating Rifle was VERY popular Western Movie and Television weapon. However, one of the most ''unusual'' would be a weapon known as ''The Mare's Leg''. Featured in two Hollywood Features, (1st ''El Dorado'') and later and more popular ''Wanted: Dead or Alive''), this variation of The Model 1892 was too, a bit of fictional Hollywood ''weaponry''. In The 1966 Film, American Actor James Cann used a variation and later on 1958 thru 1961 – Steve McQueen (Television Series ''Wanted: Dead or Alive''). This variant was a ''Sawed Off'' Variety of the classic Repeater Rifle. In both Versions, The Model 1893 was ''cut down'' (by Hollywood Prop Masters), to a 1.5-inch Barrel. In both as well, a ''Barrel Trigger Ring'' was applied – making the ''Rifle'' – more of a ''Short Assault Pistol''. Assuming the Hollywood Version was in the 44-70 Caliber, such a weapon (IF real), would have been extremely deadly. Historically, no such weapon existed, but if it had.........