Wiard Gun

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By Crusader1307

A rare piece of Artillery used briefly in The American Civil War, The Wiard Gun was designed by Norman Wiard. The gun was an early attempt to construct long-range artillery using steel (as opposed to bronze, brass or iron). 2 versions were made. A 6-Pound and 12-Pound. The gun had a 35 degree elevation ability (imitating a Siege Mortar). Weighing 725-Pounds, The Wiard Gun had an effective range of 7,000 yards (straight) and 2,400 yards (elevated). In addition, special steel plating was incorporated into the rear of the gun. These helped the gun to not “dig in” during recoil. Many historians cite that The Wiard was a true early “World War I” candidate in early Artillery evolution. High costs in production and lack of interest by The War Department, caused The Wiard to cease production by 1862.