Whitcomb's Rangers

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

Raised by The Colony of New Hampshire in 1776 to support The American War effort against Great Britain, ''Whitcomb's Rangers'' were commanded by Benjamin Whitcomb (a Veteran of The French and Indian Wars in the 1750s). The Regiment, while part of The Continental Line (Army), they were used as ''Scouts'' (which in 18th Century American warfare protocols was Guerrilla Tactics). The majority of ''Ranger'' Companies copied many of their tactics from Native Americas (ambush and ''cut and run'' methods). To the well disciplined and 18th Century ''Masters of Gentlemanly Warfare'', Great Britain – such methods were ''savage''.


Whitcomb used his 150 Rangers in such a manner. They fought effectively at several key Revolutionary war Battles (including Saratoga, New York 1777). His fame was further known by using ''booby trap'' (a felled tree trap) tactics to fatally wound a British General. As such an impromptu Bounty was placed on Whitcombs's head by The British.


The Rangers would remain in Northern Vermont for the remainder of The War (they were to be used in a second hoped Invasion of Canada, but it never came). They would disband in 1781, The War all but finished.