Washington Artillery of New Orleans Flag

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By Crusader1307

Formed as "The Washington Artillery Company" in 1838 as a Militia for The City of New Orleans, The Battery served in The Mexican War of 1846-1848. With the start of The American Civil War in 1861, the single Battery grew to 5 Batteries in Service to The Confederate States of America. It served in 60 different battles and engagements. The Battery first served with distinction on Mayre Heights during The Battle of Fredericksburg (1862), when they held off wave after wave of advancing Federal Troops trying to storm The Heights. The Battery served in The Spanish-American War of 1896-1898 and World War One. Later, it was deployed to North Africa and Europe during World War Two. Renamed The 141st Field Artillery Regiment, it is still an Active US Army Component. The original Colors of The Washington Artillery of New Orleans was a Blue Field. Bordered in Gold, in the Center of the Flag was a Circular White Field. The Battery name in Red was stitched, long with The Battery Number. "Battle Honors" were emblazoned on various points of the Blue Field.