Warwick Castle

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By Crusader1307

Located in Warwick, Warwickshire, England – the castle was commissioned under the reign of William The Conqueror around 1068. Built near The Avon River (as an obvious defense measure), Warwick Castle started out as a wooden Motte and Bailey defense system. In the 12th Century, the structure was replaced by stone. The site has been identified as having been originally an Anglo-Saxon Manor House-type structure (from 914 A.D.) A Church was constructed within it's walls – but this upset the local Bishop (who thought a “House of God” was inappropriate within a military structure). In 1128, the Church was removed outside of the Castle to a nearby location. During the reign of King Henry II, Warwick was renovated and it's military structuring was improved. Additional reinforcements to Defensive Towers and Curtain Wall were made. During The Baron's War of 1264-67, Warwick's northern defensive walls were destroyed (slighted). In the 13th Century, extensive renovations were made to include Gatehouse with fortified Barbican. All walls (previously damaged) were repaired and reinforced. An additional Defensive Tower (The Watergate), was built.


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