Wang Zei

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

His birth date unknown (save for being in the 15th Century AD), Wang Zei was a fierce Chinese Pirate who operated for nearly 20 years before He was captured. It is said that His Parents were ''well off'' Merchants in The Salt (Mineral) Trade. As such, Zei had no real reason to turn to Piracy. With European Trade starting to flourish in China, Zei went on a Mission with Portuguese Merchants to trade for saltpeter with Japan (1543). He monopolized the Trade, no doubt angering various Nobles in The Imperial Court (who perhaps were ''robbers being robbed'' – by Zei). Perhaps assassins were hired to ''remove'' Zei. At any rate, a year later in 1544 – Zei have joined The Xu ''Pirate'' Brotherhood. He eventually earned Command of His own ''Fleet'' of Ships and plundered rival Chinese Merchants (and Pirates). Zei eagerly employed Wokou (Japanese) Pirates to help protect His ''interests''.


By the 1550s, Zei had earned quite a reputation as a Pirate of The Eastern Coast of China. So much, that a Warrant was placed on His Head ''Dead or Alive''. Regardless, Coastal Towns hired Zei to protect them from Wokou Raids – for money. Zei lived ''on the Line'' of near arrest and pardon. He even retired, only to return shortly thereafter to help raid off The Korean Coast. Captured in 1560, Zei earnestly thought He would receive Pardon for much of His ''work'' supporting various Government Officials. Perhaps envious of His Power, Wang Zei was beheaded that year. He is seen as both Hero and Villein, even today.