Walloon Sword

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By Crusader1307

Not to be confused with the “Walloon” Sword Handle classification of weapons, The Walloon Sword incorporated the design of both a Rapier and Small Sword. Lighter than The Small Sword, The Walloon Blade was more flexible than the rigid Small Sword – while still maintaining the needed blade width of a “standard” Field Sword. Considered a single-edged weapon, some versions were modified as double-edged. A standard blade length was around 28 to 33-inches. The Walloon Sword also incorporated the Rapier Basket-Hilt style of hand protection (as well as a Dagger-like Striking Pommel). They were carried in scabbards. The Walloon was also popular as a Civilian self-defense weapon. The basic design of The Walloon Sword was still in use by the 19th Century (the standard issue to The Swiss Cavalry in 1850).