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By Crusader1307

A derisive term among The Native American Sioux Nation, The “Band” or Tribe of The Ogala Sioux was one of the first to readily accept “White” Domination. Their name came to mean “Loafter” or “Hanger On”. This was further derived from the fact that The Wagluhe would often build their Camps very close to US Army Forts (often, with little to do but “lay about”). They were seen as a disgrace by other Native Americans.

The Wagluhe were among the first to try to acclimate their culture to that of The Americans (1850s). They realized early that they (as well as others), could not survive in a War against them. Although once saw as “fierce” Warriors, they slowly evolved into what most Americans saw The Indian as (in books and Films) – lazy or thieves that lurked around Frontier Forts. They were the genesis of the term “Peaceful Indian”.

The Wagluhe adopted American fashion and often allowed their Females to marry Whites. For the most part, The US Army was fairly satisfied with The Wagluhe, often using them as Scouts in The Cavalry. Some of the first “Tribal Police” (1880s) were taken from the (more or less) trusted Wagluhe Band. In fact, some of the first graduates of the infamous Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania were from The Wagluhe.