• Heraldry
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By Crusader1307

In theory, one who legally and rightfully can bear a Coat of Arms (in all systems of use), can also have them “inspected”. This procedure is called a “Visitation”. Developed in the 15th Century, the position of “King of Arms” was created. This person would inspect any building, property or same used by not only Nobility but Royalty – to make sure that the “issued” Coat of Arms was displayed and used correctly. Such Visitations were written down (along positive and negative findings). These growing volumes of work were kept in a Library of Visitation. IF a person was found in possession of (or using) illegally claimed or outright false Arms, they could be fined and imprisoned. Normally, the Arms were taken and a fine was imposed. In addition, Nobility had the “right” to maintain their Coats of Arms in a “proper manner” - or face sanctioning or Abatement.